The Dirties: movie review

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The Dirties: movie review
The Dirties

Technically cruddy and tiresome in its we’ve-seen-a-lot-of-movies dialogue, this lame provocation follows a pair of high-school movie geeks (director Matthew Johnson and Owen Williams) who set out to document the bullies who harass them. Several hallway beatings and sweaty brainstorming sessions later, they mount their own Columbine, a development that’s as tasteless as it is falsely profound. “It’s okay—I’m only here for the bad guys!” one shooter insists to fleeing students. Your kind of comedy? Have it.

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By: Joshua Rothkopf


Release details

Rated: N/R
Duration: 80 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Matt Johnson
Screenwriter: Matt Johnson
Cast: Matt Johnson
Owen Williams
Krista Madison
Shailene Garnett
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I don't see how this movie was a provocation, It's an exploration of the outcast teenaged culture junkie and a healthier look at school shooters as flawed people rather then murderous, anti-social psychopaths. It deserves more of a review than this.