The Giant of Marathon

Movies, Action and adventure
Philippides (Reeves), victor of the 490 BC Olympics, is proclaimed leader of the Athenian Sacred Guard and in due course defeats Darius the Persian at the Battle of Marathon. A well-plotted (in a bare-bones sort of way) and quite sprightly tale of double dealing, photographed by Mario Bava (who a year later launched his career as a cult horror director), with Fantoni as the heartless woman-killer Theocritus, and Rocca as the matronly sacrificial love interest. Pretty ordinary (not to say ludicrous), but some inventive and brutal underwater sequences.

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Cast and crew

Jacques Tourneur
Ennio De Concini, Augusto Frassinetti, Bruno Vailati
Steve Reeves
Mylène Demongeot
Daniela Rocca
Daniele Varga
Sergio Fantoni
Alberto Lupo
Gianni Loti
Ivo Garrani
Philippe Hersent