The Girl from Maxim's

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Made before Korda hit the big time with The Private Life of Henry VIII and the lavish Denham epics, this adaptation of a Feydeau farce impresses despite the budgetary constraints. With brother Vincent's meticulous art direction and PĂ©rinal's photography, Korda convincingly creates the ambience of hypocritical decadence that epitomises the 'gay nineties'. Maxim's, presided over by Day's cunningly quixotic coquette, becomes a palace of boisterous female exhibitionism where men pay for their pleasure by exposing themselves as fatuous ninnies. The brilliant farce-playing from snorting old buffer Grossmith, splutteringly pompous Henson, and the gnarled and knotty Lady Tree, completes the ingredients for a bold, elegant, visually exciting film.

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Cast and crew

Director: Alexander Korda
Screenwriter: Lajos Biro, Harry Graham, Henri Jeanson
Cast: Frances Day
Leslie Henson
George Grossmith
Stanley Holloway
Lady Tree
Evan Thomas
Eric Portman