The Great Mouse Detective

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When the young mouse Olivia (Susanne Pollatschek) sees her toymaker father, Hiram (Alan Young), abducted by a peg-legged bat, she runs to find famous mouse detective Basil of Baker Street (Barrie Ingham). Basil takes the case and soon finds out that the rodent toymaker was kidnapped by the evil Professor Ratigan (Vincent Price), who wants to use the toymaker's skills in a fiendish plot to replace the Queen of England with a robotic clone that he can control.

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0 mins

Cast and crew

John Musker, Ron Clements, Dave Michener, Burny Mattinson
Pete Young, Burny Mattinson, Melvin Shaw, Steve Hulett, John Musker, Matthew O'Callaghan, Dave Michener, Vance Gerry, Ron Clements, Bruce M Morris
Vincent Price
Barrie Ingham
Basil Rathbone
Shani Wallis
Val Bettin
Susanne Pollatsched
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