The Helicopter Spies

Movies, Action and adventure
A Man from UNCLE film which sees Solo and Kuryakin on the trail of a notorious safecracker (Dillman) in Greece. Inevitably their quest leads to a plot to dominate the world, this time by a sect of white-haired mystics, and the team fight their way through several continents. It's all pretty static low-budget stuff, with only a few guest appearances to help things along: Carol Lynley, for example, as a mini-skirted all-American girl, bent on revenge.

By: DP

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Cast and crew

Director: Boris Sagal
Screenwriter: Dean Hargrove
Cast: Robert Vaughn
David McCallum
Carol Lynley
Bradford Dillman
Lola Albright
John Dehner
Leo G Carroll
John Carradine
Julie London