The Hustler


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Newman is Fast Eddie, doing his best to convince the world that he can take on Minnesota Fats (Gleason) at pool and walk away with the world title. As always with Walter Tevis (the author of the original book), it takes defeat, and a longish dark night of the soul with Laurie, a drunken, lame waif of a woman, before he can summon the self-respect to return to battle. Rossen allows much space to the essentially concentrated, enclosed scenes of the film, and so it rests solidly on its performances. A wonderful hymn to the last true era when men of substance played pool with a vengeance.


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0 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Rossen
Robert Rossen, Sidney Carroll
Paul Newman
Jackie Gleason
George C Scott
Piper Laurie
Myron McCormick
Murray Hamilton
Michael Constantine
Jake La Motta
Vincent Gardenia

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