The Pleasure Seekers

The box-office recipe for Three Coins in the Fountain (three American gals, a glitzy European location, romantic complication) doesn't quite hold good the second time around when director Negulesco tries to repeat the trick in Madrid instead of Rome. Ann-Margret gets most screen time (and has a socko dance number, 'Everything Makes Music When You're in Love', on a Spanish beach) as she pines for a local medic, while Lynley falls for her boss and Tiffin makes a play for aloof playboy Franciosa. Smoothly done in lush CinemaScope, but so contrived its sundry dramatic crises exist in an emotional vacuum.

By: TJ

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Cast and crew

Director: Jean Negulesco
Screenwriter: Edith Sommer
Cast: Ann-Margret
Tony Franciosa
Carol Lynley
Brian Keith
Gene Tierney
Pamela Tiffin
Antonio Gades
Gardner McKay
Vito Scoti