The Tiger's Tail

Movies, Drama
4 out of 5 stars
Owing less to Trading Places than to Dostoevsky and Frankenstein, The Tiger’s Tail is a prince-and-the-pauper story that plays out with genuinely frightening inevitability. Gleeson is superb as both an unscrupulous real-estate developer, Liam, and the mysterious double he nearly runs over one evening, who later accosts him and proceeds to take over his life. No surprise that this stranger becomes a very different kind of father to Liam’s son (Briain Gleeson) and complicates the feelings of Liam’s long-ignored wife (Cattrall). This isn’t the kind of film that wins awards, but Boorman gives the proceedings a brisk pace and a slightly surreal, fantastical air—a stylistic choice that lets the film down only at its conclusion.


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John Boorman
John Boorman
Brendan Gleeson
Kim Cattrall
Sinead Cusack
Ciaran Hinds
Sean McGinley
Cathy Belton