The Violin

Movies, Drama
4 out of 5 stars
Balancing a fablelike narrative with some ugly violence (not always successfully), this b&w Mexican drama plays in the same key as Roman Polanski’s The Pianist, war chafing against the innocent strains of musical placidity. Rebel peasants take to the hills in the 1970s, but of real interest is the showdown between an officer (Gama) and an aging local farmer (the extraordinary Tavira), who lures the petty tyrant into a trance via his violin playing. Though bleakness sometimes gets the better of writer-director Francisco Vargas, his fiction debut represents a vital dose of realism in his country’s increasingly fantastical cinema.


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Francisco Vargas
Francisco Vargas
Ángel Tavira
Dagoberto Gama
Gerardo Taracena
Mario Garibaldi
Fermin Martinez
Silverio Palacios
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