The Young Ladies of Wilko

'You've sort of wilted since then...' one of five sisters tells the brooding Viktor (Olbrychski), revisiting the family with whom he spent an idyllic summer as an adolescent. 'Then' was the eve of the Great War, 'now' is late 1920s Poland, and for Viktor it's the autumn of his life. Essentially a piece about lost romance, missed chances, and the doomed attempts of the youngest sister (Pascal) to revive Viktor's passion with the breath of summer, and thereby ensure that she doesn't become an 'old maid' like her sisters. This is minor key Wajda (made before Man of Iron and Danton), wistful, elegiac, seductive.

By: MA

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Cast and crew

Director: Andrzej Wajda
Screenwriter: Zbigniew Kaminski
Cast: Daniel Olbrychski
Anna Seniuk
Christine Pascal
Maja Komorowska
Stanislawa Celinska
Krystyna Zachwatowicz