Three Worlds: movie review

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2 out of 5 stars
Three Worlds: movie review
Three Worlds

Driving home with his buddies after a wild night, a Parisian gentleman (Raphaël Personnaz) hits an Eastern European immigrant who’s crossing the street. Since turning himself in to the cops would jeopardize his marriage to the boss’s daughter and the managership of his father-in-law’s car dealership, he keeps mum, despite being racked with guilt; a witness (Clotilde Hesme), however, wants accountability. It’s not hard to see where this drama is headed: Will there be an amorous subplot? Will the victim’s wife (Arta Dobroshi) start connecting the dots to the perpetrator? When will this hand-wringing over moral conundrums end? What is confusing is why director Catherine Corsini thinks anyone should invest in a po-faced bourgie drama with so little to offer.

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By: David Fear


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