Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

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Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
Disney’s third ‘Tinker Bell’ animation ticks all the fairy-friendly boxes without stretching itself too hard. Blonde, shapely and good at fixing things, she’s like a DIY Barbie (with wings). Here, Tinker is part of a ‘Mean Girls’-style bratpack who spend summercamp in Ye Olde England, near a cottage inhabited by fairy-loving Lizzy and the father she calls ‘Father’. A lot. A cute fairy-girl friendship follows, with vicarious fun for little girls who like dressing up in pink tutus. There’s a particularly enjoyable flying sequence that has a dreamlike air reminiscent of Tinker’s origins. Animation-wise, the humans look like dolls, which makes them hard to relate to. And the plot’s wrapped up far too simply – the ‘rescue’ of the title is missable. Still, the central character has enough pluck and personality to sell a gazillion Tinker trinkets.

By: Anna Smith


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Cast and crew

Director: Bradley Raymond
Screenwriter: Bob Hilgenberg, Rob Muir
Cast: Michael Sheen
Mae Whitman
Kristin Chenoweth
Lucy Liu
Jesse McCartney