Wrong Is Right

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Perhaps the oddest major Hollywood feature of 1982. Veering wildly between a quite well-written satire on the contemporary American political scene and a very ham-fisted nuclear blackmail thriller, its sheer eccentricity is quite engaging. Connery is excellent as a superstar TV reporter, but he deserves a better plot; and the adulation his character receives from Arab leaders seems as ridiculous as his network's apparently effortless ability to transmit live anywhere, any time. Writer/director Brooks is on stronger ground when tilting at the extraordinary contradictions in America's political morality, but his one major coup is to demonstrate just how good a TV performer Connery could indeed be.

By: DP

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Cast and crew

Director: Richard Brooks
Screenwriter: Richard Brooks
Cast: Sean Connery
George Grizzard
Robert Conrad
Katharine Ross
GD Spradlin
John Saxon
Henry Silva
Leslie Nielsen
Robert Webber
Rosalind Cash
Hardy Krüger
Dean Stockwell