Young Giants

Pelé (pronounced alternately 'pale ale' and 'play') comes to the aid of his childhood mentor, a dying priest (Huston) whose orphanage is under threat from corporate baddies, who want to kick the kids' football team out onto the streets. 'Who are those men?' - 'I don't know' (cut to close-up on features hardening), 'but I'm sure gonna find out'. Yes, it's the Lone Ranger meets Tinkerbell. In the end, under Pale Ale's coaching, the kids win a fund-raising/feud match against the local rich kids' school. Well, they could hardly lose with God and Play on their side.

By: PBu

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Cast and crew

Director: Terrell Tannen
Screenwriter: Tom Moyer, Terrell Tannen, Mike Lammers
Cast: John Huston
Peter Fox
Lisa Wills
F William Parker
Severn Darden
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