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When he’s not being belittled by third-graders, a meek schoolteacher (Aikawa) dresses up like a safari-themed superhero from a forgotten TV show. Then a real alien invasion commences, and guess who can magically kick ass. Takashi Miike’s fantasy affectionately mocks vintage Ultraman serials and modern sci-fi, but like most of his recent(ish) work, the film suffers from an overall case of so-whatitude. The more such minor works keep washing up on these shores, the less Miike seems like the major J-cinema player we thought he was.

By: David Fear


Release details

Rated: NR
Duration: 115 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Takashi Miike
Screenwriter: Kankuro Kudo
Cast: Sho Aikawa
Kyoka Suzuki
Atsuro Watabe
Kouen Kondo
Akira Emoto
Yui Ichikawa
Teruyoshi Uchimura
Ren Osugi