Zone Troopers

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The playful, plagiaristic Poverty Row spirit of early Roger Corman is not dead. Starting off as a conventional war film (Italy 1944), with a bunch of American GIs stranded behind enemy lines, it soon escalates/degenerates into an absurd semi-sci-fi thriller when an enormous rocket is discovered smouldering in the forest: it's a Martian spaceship, and a benign, burbling alien survivor is on the loose. Not as good as producer Charles Band's own Trancers, and it would be unfair to recommend too highly any film featuring a distinctly un-Hitlerish F├╝hrer (Martin) and a daring escape ludicrously accompanied by the sounds of big band swing. But as inventive nonsense scarcely tainted by plot logic, it's more rewarding viewing than any Hugh Hudson film.

By: GA

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Cast and crew

Director: Danny Bilson
Screenwriter: Danny Bilson, Paul DeMeo
Cast: Tim Thomerson
Timothy Van Patten
Art La Fleur
Biff Manard
William Paulson
Alviero Martin
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