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The yoga mats you wish you owned

Perfect your downward dog on one of these stylish and practical yoga mats

By Jasmine Dilmanian |

Owning a yoga mat, even if you only use it every now and then, is an essential for your wardrobe. You can get it out at home, at the park or in the studio. You can use it for yoga, Pilates, sit-ups or even stretching after a run. And of course there are myriad features to consider: thickness, durability, density, absorbency, bacteria resistance, weight, price and so much more… If that all sounds a little overwhelming, don't worry, because we've created a roundup of the yoga mats that you should consider when trying to find 'the one'. Start scrolling now and find your perfect match.

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Our roundup of yoga mat favorites

Best yoga mats 1 Merrithew from Target

Au naturel

Crafted from natural rubber and jute, this Merrithew yoga mat is 5 mm thick, has a super-strong grip, and is bound by a 100% cotton perimeter.

$66.99 on

Best yoga mats 2 Lulu Lemon

Flip it and reverse it

Made for all types of yoga practice, this reversible mat has one smooth side and one textured so you can pick your preference. Plus, it’s made to absorb moisture so you don’t have to worry about slips.

$58-$68 on

Best yoga mats 3 Reehut from Amazon

Nice and thick

This half-inch-thick textured yoga mat is high-density, durable, and offers a great value. Its nifty carrying strap is useful for yogis on the go!

$19.99 on

Best yoga mats 4 Menduka from Amazon_

The traveling yogi

Made for traveling, this ultralight yoga mat is the easiest one on the list to pack and stow. It’s thin, bacteria-resistant, has a great grip, and has a colorful flair.

$39.27 on

Best yoga mats 5 C9 Champion from Target

Lighten your load

This Champion mat provides the thickness you crave while somehow remaining light and airy for easy carrying. Who can refuse that combo?

$24.99 on

Best yoga mats 6 Gaiam from Walmart


This extra-large yoga mat will give you room for your craziest positions, no doubt. It also has a cool black-on-black print and a dry-grip surface.

$74.95 on

Best yoga mats 7 Clever Yoga from Amazon

Open wide

Wider than most other mats, this Clever Yoga version is a quarter-inch thick and super-dense to avoid you hurting your joints upon impact.

$26.49 on

Best yoga mats 8 Sugarmat from Nordstrom

The holy grail

We’ve found the holy grail of exercise: a sueded, absorbent, non-slip, biodegradable, pretty yoga mat with a durable carrying strap.

$79 on

Best yoga mats 9 Life Energy from Walmart

Budget-friendly yoga

Yoga can be as accessible as any other form of exercise. This reversible, bi-color mat is pretty and features a closed-cell surface that absorbs all sorts of moisture and odors.

$14.95 on

Best yoga mats 10 Banyan and Bo from Target

Going green

This performance mat is made from durable and eco-friendly TPE that creates a soft, non-slip surface for yoga or Pilates.

$44.99 on

Best yoga mats 11 Huggermugger from Jet

Lunar life

Are you guided by the phases of the moon? This pretty yoga from Hugger Mugger’s Gallery Collection mat has them printed on it. Namaste.

$24.99 on

Best yoga mats 12 Yoga Zeal from Nordstrom

Into the ocean

If you can’t actually do yoga with a view of the ocean, at least you can take solace in the waves printed on this cushioned and versatile mat.

$78 on

Best yoga mats 13 from Urban Outfitters

Make a statement

Let’s be honest – you’re only burning the calories so you can make up for them after. Why not have an honest slogan printed your mat?

$32 on

Best yoga mats 14 Nike Fundamental from Nordstrom

Learning the fundamentals

How can you resist this 3mm Nike Fundamental mat with a textured surface on both sides and contrasting orange carrying rope? If you can’t, don’t.

$24.59 on

Best yoga mats 15 DOIY from Urban Outfitters

The green grass grows all around

Usable at home or at the studio, this green meadow-themed yoga mat has all the basics covered, stands out in a crowd, and has a great carrying harness.

$46 on

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