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Grey Area

  • Critics choice

Run by two blokes living the modern American dream: get the f*@k out of America. They did so by opening this stellar coffeeshop, which offers some of the best weed and hash on the planet (try the Bubble Gum or Grey Mist Crystals). Also on offer are large glass bongs, a



  • Critics choice

One of the most easygoing coffeeshops around. This down-to-earth joint, with its understated decor and bare wooden tables, feels like a friendly corner café - with the kitchen to match. Substantial foodstuffs include sandwiches, soups, burgers and shakes. A note to

  1. 1e Bloemdwarsstraat 2
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  • Rated as: 4/5
  • Critics choice

Known as the longest-running coffeeshop in all Amsterdam, this 'Russian' den has hardwood floors and colourful cushions that complement an efficient multi-level design. The top floor has a bar with forty different loose teas, down below is a decent pipe display, and a

  1. Rusland 16
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Dutch Flowers

Squeezed on a little corner near the copious book and art sales on the Spui, this small shop has all its decor slightly askew - even the CD rack. It's known for exceptional, high-grade hash, including pre-rolled joints. The large window up front boasts a truly


Hill Street Blues

  • Critics choice

With comfy couches and natural lighting via some well-placed windows, this cosy corner on the Nieuwmarkt is ideal for a mellow high. Delectable milkshakes, smoothies, space cookies and space truffles are also worth indulging in. But if harder and louder is more to your

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