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London art exhibitions calendar

Our handy collection of all the big, small and scary art exhibitions coming to town

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Hello eager art friend, want to do some planning ahead? Well, you've come to the right place with our one-stop shop for all the art exhibitions, big or small, coming to London over the next couple of months. From exciting new gallery openings to upcoming London photography shows, keep your eyes peeled and your paintbrush poised for as much art as your diary can handle. Or, if you can’t wait that long, here's the best new art in London this week to satisfy those creative cravings sooner. 

Art exhibitions in January

John Baldessari: Miró and Life in General

The legendary Californian conceptualist, who has been creating witty, deceptively casual splices of image of text for decades, is working with a simple concept for this exhibition: a series of Hollywood film stills each paired with a painting by Spanish surrealist Joan Miró.

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Marian Goodman Gallery , Soho Tuesday January 24 2017 - Saturday February 25 2017

Everything Exists Now

A 13-strong group show based around the concept of eternalism, which proposes that all moments in time – past, present, future – exist simultaneously. Look out for Ali Kazim's pictures of ruins in the Indus Valley and Zhu Wei's reflections on the arrival of modernity in China.

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Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery , Wandsworth Until Saturday February 11 2017

Pilvi Takala

This show will offer a follow-up piece to Takala's 2013 project 'The Committee', a collaborative piece in which she gave £7,000 of prize money to a group of kids at a youth centre in east London, who elected to create a custom-made bouncy castle.

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Pump House Gallery , Battersea Until Sunday March 26 2017

Luca Bertolo: Everybody is Always Right

A show of new work by the Italian artist, whose small-scale paintings flip nimbly between precise figuration and messy, off-handed abstraction. 

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Arcade , Old Street Wednesday January 25 2017 - Saturday February 18 2017

Matt Golden: Bisons

A show that sets truth against fiction and the staged against the authentic, all centred around Golden's unlikely alter-ego: the nomadic musician Juan Carlode.

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Limoncello , De Beauvoir Town Wednesday January 25 2017 - Saturday February 11 2017

Tschabalala Self

The young American artist's first solo exhibition on these shores will feature a number of her playful, exuberant paintings, sculptures and collages, all of which celebrate black female identity.

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Parasol Unit , Hoxton Until Sunday March 12 2017

Charles Avery: The People And Things Of Onomatopoeia: Part 2

Scottish artist Avery has spent over a decade mapping, describing and fleshing out the contents of a fictional island. This show brings together a series of drawings that delve into the island's Onomatopoeia Zoo. What creatures they've got there is anybody's guess.

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Pilar Corrias , Fitzrovia Monday January 23 2017 - Friday February 17 2017
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Art exhibitions in February

Sonia Boyce: We Move In Her Way

British artist Boyce is creating a multi-media installation that is built largely around an open-ended dance performance she's letting the participants direct – making references to anarchic movement Dada and Brazilian artist Lygia Clark along the way.  

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ICA , St James' Wednesday February 1 2017 - Sunday April 2 2017

Helen Johnson: Warm Ties

For the Australian artist's first solo show in the UK, she'll showing a number of her large-scale, multi-layered paintings across a specially made structure that deals with the complex history between her homeland and Britain. 

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ICA , St James' Wednesday February 1 2017 - Sunday April 2 2017

Fernanda Gomes

The Brazilian artist – whose work comes in the wake of her native country's 1960s neo-concrete movement – has created a series of white-coloured works that incorporate canvas, wood and paint, but aren't quite straightforward paintings.

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Alison Jacques , Fitzrovia Wednesday February 1 2017 - Wednesday March 1 2017

Laura Oldfield Ford: Alpha/Isis/Eden

Oldfield Ford will be creating an installation that looks at the tide of gentrification enveloping the gallery's neighborhood – focusing on the three housing blocks Alpha, Isis and Eden. Central to the work is a sound piece, the result of a collaboration with producer Jack Latham. 

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The Showroom , Lisson Grove Wednesday February 1 2017 - Saturday March 18 2017

Anya Gallaccio: Beautiful Minds

The Brit artist, who rose to fame with her installations made of decaying organic matters like flowers and chocolate, is filling the gallery space with an enormous 3D clay printer that will create a scaled-down replica of a mountain in Wyoming.

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Thomas Dane , St James' Friday February 3 2017 - Saturday March 25 2017

Do Ho Suh

Korean artist Do Ho Suh is known for his diaphonous fabric sculptures of architectural spaces that hang suspended in the gallery space, floating like ghosts. For his first show at Victoria, he'll also be showing compressed versions of these works that he describes as 'two-dimensional drawings'.

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Victoria Miro , Hoxton Wednesday February 1 2017 - Saturday March 18 2017

Tim Noble and Sue Webster

The YBA duo – who shot to fame in the '90s with their instantly recognisable silhouette sculptures – make a welcome return to Mayfair gallery.

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Blainsouthern , Mayfair Friday February 3 2017 - Saturday March 25 2017

Legacy: Photographs by Vanessa Bell and Patti Smith


Whether it’s Robert Mapplethorpe’s sleeve photo for ‘Horses’ or the cover of Time Out, we’re used to seeing Patti Smith in front of the camera. But next spring Londoners will get a chance to see the world through the singer’s own lens, as 17 of her photographs go on display at Dulwich Picture Gallery. Visit the gallery’s exhibition of work by Vanessa Bell and you’ll also find a smaller show called ‘Legacy: Photographs by Vanessa Bell and Patti Smith’. Smith’s photos document her residency at Charleston, Bell’s house in Sussex, in 2003, with subjects including Bell’s bed and library. They’ll be displayed alongside Bell’s own photo albums (on loan from the Tate Archives) which capture the Bloomsbury Group of artists, writers and thinkers before the war. It sounds like a fascinating coming together of two groundbreaking artists, so if you’re heading south this spring, don’t miss out.

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Dulwich Picture Gallery , Dulwich Village Wednesday February 8 2017 - Sunday June 4 2017

Vanessa Bell (1879-1961)

A large-scale survey of an artist still unfairly known first and foremost as Virginia Woolf's big sister. In reality, Bell was a a leading figure of the interwar Bloomsbury Group and a pioneer of twentieth-century British modernism. This show will gather over 100 of her paintings, ceramics, textiles and photography. Look out for the tie-in display with photographs by Patti Smith too.

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Dulwich Picture Gallery , Dulwich Village Wednesday February 8 2017 - Sunday June 4 2017

David Hockney

Have we reached peak Hockney? The Royal Academy has granted him two shows in the last four years, focusing on his eye-poppingly colourful, hit-and-miss recent works. Fortunately, this big Tate retrospective – scheduled ahead of Hockney's 80th birthday – will go all the way back to his student work of the early '60s, and trace what's frankly a stupendous journey of ceaseless innovation. From his 'gay propaganda' works, to his glossy LA pool scenes, to his intricate photocollages and experimental fax works, this looks set to be one of the biggest crowd-pleasers of recent years.  

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Tate Britain , Westminster Thursday February 9 2017 - Monday May 29 2017
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Art exhibitions further ahead

Maggi Hambling: Edge

For her eighth show at Marlborough, the bold and fearless expressionist is showing a series of works that deal with big themes like the fragility of existence, featuring images of melting polar icecaps and the like.

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Marlborough Contemporary , Mayfair Thursday March 2 2017 - Thursday April 13 2017

Roger Mayne

A major – and long overdue – survey of the British photographer, whose scenes of inner-city scenes from the '50s and '60s document the seismic period of postwar social change.

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Photographers' Gallery , Soho Friday March 3 2017 - Sunday June 11 2017


Art meets science in the latest exhibition at this underground University of Westminster space: six artists will produce work that responds to a set of fifteenth and sixteenth-century medical casebooks from the Bodleian Library in Oxford. 

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Ambika P3 , Marylebone Friday March 17 2017 - Friday April 21 2017

The American Dream: Pop to The Present

This show takes a look the Land of Opportunity through the prism of its artists and their printed works. There'll be many familiar pop faces here. Ed Ruscha's slick images both chronicle and celebrate everyday Americana; Andy Warhol peeks into the darker side of the nation's history with images of disgraced president Richard Nixon and bereaved First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Issues of racial divide – no less pressing than they ever were – are explored by African-American artist Kara Walker. 

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British Museum , Bloomsbury Thursday March 9 2017 - Sunday June 18 2017

Marc Quinn: Drawn From Life

The YBA who gained noteriety for making a silicone cast of his head and filling it with his own blood has produced a series of sculptures using a less gruesome material – fibreglass – for this exhibition, which he's scattering throughout the museum's artefacts.

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Sir John Soane's Museum , Holborn Tuesday March 28 2017 - Saturday September 23 2017

Queer British Art

2017 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the decriminalisation of male homosexuality in England. This show charts the preceding century: a hundred years of queer artists either making deeply personal work (about lives led in necessary secrecy) or avowedly political statements. Duncan Grant, John Singer Sargent, Dora Carrington and David Hockney are among those on display.

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Tate Britain , Westminster Wednesday April 5 2017 - Sunday October 1 2017

Mat Collishaw

A show of new work from the Brit artist famed for his grisly scenes of violence and tragedy, displayed across lightboxes, photography and sculpture.

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Blainsouthern , Mayfair Friday April 7 2017 - Saturday May 27 2017

Alberto Giacometti

Fifty years after showing his work for the first time, the Tate is delivering a large-scale retrospective of the Italian artist. He'll always be associated with the tall, spindly, existential figures of his later years – but this exhibition should flesh out his wider career, including early dabblings in surrealism and abstraction.

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Tate Modern , South Bank Wednesday May 10 2017 - Sunday September 10 2017
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WEST16 Street art exhibition at the Westbank Gallery is what you need to get out = it's gonna be out of this world 25+ London artists!!