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© The View from The Shard
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The View from the Shard offers panoramic, 360-degree views across the capital and beyond (up to 64km or 40 miles on a clear day) from 244 metres (800 feet) up – almost twice the height of any other viewing point in London.

The attraction is a two-level deck (the first enclosed, the second open to the elements above head-height) on floors 68 to 72 of the skyscraper, to which visitors are whisked in two stages on supersmooth, high-speed lifts that take just 30 seconds to reach the 'View', accompanied by a soaring anthem recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra and the Joyful Company of Singers – a decidely upmarket twist on elevator muzak. Tongue-in-cheek illustrations of famous Londoners past and present, including Margaret Thatcher and Karl Marx on a tandem, and Vidal Sassoon and Vivienne Westwood giving Charles I a makeover, and video screens and display panels with digital maps of London and archive footage of city life remind you of your surroundings.

In the viewing galleries themselves, digital 'Tell:scopes' update the coin-in-the-slot binoculars at traditonal viewpoints - touchscreens allow you to call up additional information on the buildings you're looking at, and help you locate the important landmarks, as well as allowing you to zoom in or see what the view is like at different times of day. There are no toilets or refreshments on the viewing levels.

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Venue name: The View from the Shard
Address: Joiner St
Opening hours: Daily 10am-10pm (last admission 8.30pm); Nov-Mar: Sun-Wed 10am-7pm; Thur-Sat 10am-10pm
Transport: Tube: London Bridge
Price: £24.95, £18.95 under-16s, free under-fours

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  • Sat April 11th 2015 - Sun July 26th 2015
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Charly L

Great view, but definitely over-priced.  If you want to go, make sure it's at an event where you get something more than the view, or that you're having a drink or dinner, rather than just going to the viewing platform. 


Such a lovely view. I spent around an hour at the top, I think any longer would probably be too much. I went on a clear evening with my boyfriend and we both loved pointing out places and buildings. I'm not sure if you would appreciate it so much if you aren't too familiar with London, although they have digital telescope monitors to give you a little information of what's around you. I went on a weekday evening so it wasn't too busy. The toilets also with a full window view out we're "interesting"! I would really recommend (exploring both floors) and at the price time out are offering at.


The view from the top is absolutely breathtaking & we would recommend it to everyone. I feel it is worth the money & there is no time limit either. It would have been nice if there was a yearbook there & you could sit & admire the view with a cuppa.

Sadna Zaman

If you visit with young children, be careful in the lifts! They are very fast and designed to distract you while travelling in them. When we visited, the lift doors opened with no warning and my youngest literally fell out of the lift onto the floor outside. Luckily she wasn't hurt, but was upset and shaken. The staff although very pleasant, did not seem to have a set procedure to follow if there were any accidents such as this. I wouldn't be confident if they had to handle a more serious accident/injury.

George Andrawis

Booked our tickets through timeout and upon arrival they had difficulties finding our tickets on their system to let us through. Members of staff appeared to have needed slightly more time to train whilst others were very humourous and thus friendly about it. Facilities were clean, managed very well and the views of London are breath taking. Perfect location for a date :)


A view is really amazing. Something special. But not for this price. It is to expensive (even for London). Rather spend that money on something other. Its not worth.

george thomson

It is what it says it is but we were disappointed, I guess because we thought there would be more than just a quick elevator ride up and a view and because it was so expensive. There seemed to be dozens of staff, mainly just talking to one another. Perhaps they should consider a presentation from someone about the building, the architecture, any special design features etc. That would have made it more of an event. I would not recommend this to anyone as it is.

Pete Harris

Having read some of the other reviews, I must confess I'm a touch surprised at the general disappointed tone of some of them....I'm not quite sure what people expect to see from an observation Tower in London? Sydney Opera House, perhaps? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically...? (thank you, Mr Fawlty). Really - the view is absolutely unpararalled. 360 degrees, everything made easy to identify (by using the Tell:scopes) and so high up, you can see all you want, and more. It gives you an understanding of just how big London really is. Is it worth the £25 (in advance) or £30 (on the day) admission? Yes - the spectacular close up view of Tower Bridge & The Tower of London (alone) is worth that. It really is. St Pauls is brilliantly visual too. As is *everything* else you want to see in London. An amazing attraction. I've been on the London eye twice, and that doesn't even come close to The Shard, it truly doesn't. My only criticism is that there aren't any benches/chairs - a few wouldn't go amiss, for those of us not in the greatest of health etc. Besides that, The View from The Shard comes highly recommended and I would certainly go up there again in the future.

Peter Clark

I like tall buildings and I like views. I like the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth and the CN Tower in Toronto, I love the views of London from the London Eye. So it's fair to say that I was quite looking forward to this for all it was quite a hit on the wallet. So...great views. It's a good long way up and probably has the best views of London you can get. The lifts are swift and they get you up there quickly and you can stay as long as you want. So lots to like but ultimately is it a step change from other views of the city? Frankly no. It's such an iconic building but when you take into account the cost I'd say it was a solid 3 stars. Enjoyable but expensive for an hour staring at our beautiful city

Venera Tab

I've read that The Shard has divided opinion among Londoners. Just like the sandwich spread marmite - you love it or hate it. Thing is though, I've not actually met a single person who dislikes architect Renzo Piano's glistening civic masterpiece. Wherever his detractors are, it seems they've been steering clear of me. So, filled up to the brim with enthusiasm, I headed off to London Bridge to take a look at what claims to be the unmissable attraction of 2013.Upon arrival at Level 68, you enter a teaser of a floor, with images of clouds on the floor-to-ceiling windows obscuring the view you know is sitting below. Within seconds the wait is over as visitors ascend to the triple height gallery on Level 69, with its 360 degree views for up to 40 miles (64km) across the Thames basin.Once you're done it's back down to Level 68 and a chance to visit The View From The Shard boutique shop. If you'd prefer you can hang around a little longer on Levels 69 and 72 - there's no time limit to your visit once you're up. That's one of the nice little touches offered up by the attraction organisers. Another is the promise of a free return trip if your visit is marred by a fogged up lack of visibility. At close to thirty pounds for the standard price entrance, The View From the Shard is hardly cheap. But metre for metre it offers good value compared to the London Eye, although the 'Millennium Wheel' does benefit from a majestic position opposite the Houses of Parliament, overlooking the touristic West End. As for cost, little in London is a bargain these days, be it a seat at a West End theatre show or a Premiership football match. To their credit The View From The Shard's hosts seem firmly set upon providing a warm welcome and a little extra value to their guests, adding some neat features such as the free-to-use 'Tel:scopes' and the 'linger-as-long-as-like' offer. And so to paraphrase what a wise man once said about a Rolls-Royce motor car, 'the view will be remembered long after the price is forgotten'.


people say that you have to book in advance, but we just went there and got tickets for this sunny day! it's true that it's really expensive, but the money is worth it! the view was just stunning and we din'd queue at all!!! I can just recommend it!

V. Ruggi

Forget this rip-off & go have drinks at the upstairs Grill at the Royal Festival Hall: best view of London, no queues, classy space, and a nice glass of bubbly for the same price!


Went there on a day when the weather was not the best (but you have to book ahead so this is an inevitable risk), queued for over an hour despite having a booked time slot for entry (queue to get upstairs, queue to get in, queue for the downstairs loo (there are NONE on the viewing level - with no paper anyway), queue to get through security, queue for the lift to go halfway up, queue for the lift to get the rest of the way up), so missed the sunset we had booked the timeslot for and got a slightly flat view similar to flying into Heathrow and NO facilities whatsoever, just a plain wooden floor and some digital binoculars that are either hard to get to or broken. Not even anywhere to sit down for my mother, who is elderly and not able to stand for long, especially after all that queueing. All in all a very disappointing experience. You're much better off going to the bar at the top of Heron tower and spending your 25 quid on a couple of nice cocktails!


Priced to keep the "rifraf" out and Londoners in - maybe they can do a lottery for the early morning slots for the provinces


For a family of 5 this costs over £100. unbelievable price for a "good view"! For the same price why not buy a tent, a train ticket to the Peak District and go camping for the weekend. Much better views!