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Broadway Market’s Dove is Belgian beer heaven. The building has the feel of a Continental tavern: it’s an old-fashioned building decked out in oak with the always oversubscribed bar the focus of the action. There are a few optimistic picnic benches peppering the front pavement. To finish the effect, a distinct waft of yeast hits you as you enter the room. There’s certainly no messing around on Dove’s tome-like menu filled with Trappist, gueuze and fruit beers: it’s an exhaustive list celebrating the best of a proper beer culture.

There’s the expected Broadway Market trendy community present at most times, as the Dove makes a perfect post-market pitstop or afternoon party venue. Steaming bowls of moules marinière fly from the kitchen just as steadily as pints from the bar. Craft beer done the time-honoured Low-Country way.

Venue name: Dove
Address: 24-28 Broadway Market
E8 4QJ
Opening hours: Open noon-11pm Mon-Thur, Sun; noon-midnight Fri, Sat. Food served noon-10pm Mon-Thur, Sun; noon-11pm Fri, Sat
Transport: Tube: London Fields rail

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Viv rickard
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I had a meeting at the pub on Tuesday when we ate bar snacks. They were truly awful. Obviously prepared long in advance, dried up and barely even heated up for us. I was Ill all night and the next day. I went and talked to the manager on Wednesday. She was totally uninterested and tried to say that all food was prepared as needed. She didn't offer to refund the cost, she did take an email address but we haven't heard a thing since. I wouldn't recommend anyone to go here if they value their health.

Robert S
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I have known this pub for 22 years, it developed it's reputation for 2 main reasons. They have a very large selection of belgian beers and it's woman friendly, which isn't so unusual now but 20 years ago was very progressive. All else is secondary. The food has been somewhat variable, and you need to know what they do consistently well. Whatever the price you won't find a better selection of belgian beers to improve your appreciation of this unusual country.


nice and qualty place to be at dove pub worth a try

fast line mini cab service 0208 5332727


Favourite pub around Broadway Market. Great food as well, served in a separate room so you can get a seat even if it's busy. @Leonard Rees: If you don't want to pay £4.95 for your beer, don't order imported American hipster pale ale!. A can of lager will cost you £1 in a supermarket but £3 or £4 in a bar. That's kind of how it works. A supermarket is not a pub.


Nothing about this pub from the outside tells you what you're going to find inside. It does look like a regular boring pub, one that you could be tempted to keep walking past in the hunt for something a bit cooler. But you'd be wrong. Live music, a huge selection of real ales, ciders and beers, as well as fruit beers, a wonderful selection of home made foods, friendly service and cosy seats make this a prime pub for whiling away the cold winter evenings. I was going to invest in a sofa for my house, but now I've discovered The Dove, I don't see the point. I am going to spend all my time in there.