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The Queen of Hoxton – pub, club and everything in between – offers an eclectic mix over two fun floors, with DJs playing on a cutting-edge disco/house tip on the weekends, while film nights, fringe theatre and food often take centre-stage during the week. Their huge rooftop is one of the funnest in London too – with an enormous wigwam set up during the winter months.

Venue name: Queen of Hoxton
Address: 1 Curtain Rd
Opening hours: Open 5pm-12midnight Mon-Wed; 5pm-2am Thu-Sat; 12noon-12midnight Sun
Transport: Tube: Old St/Liverpool St; Rail: Shoreditch High St Overground
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  • House, disco and techno Thursday December 31 2015 - Friday January 1 2016
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Tom S
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This year's Wigwam is the best yet. marshmallows on sticks, hot cocktails, nice food and a manmade tree that you can actually climb. Super cosy and great quirky place to take a first date

Angélina N
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Massive disappointment!!!!!!!

1/ between 11:17 and 11:18pm price went up from £8 to £10 whilst in queue.

2/ paid 4 entrances for £40, excited to have a drink on the rooftop --> which is NOT open at night. Too bad as this is why we had come for (after reading the latest timeout recommending it specifically for the rooftop). Too bad I heard people getting out of the bar shouting "don't waste your time here" AFTER I paid the £40.

3/ tried to kindly explain to the staff at the entrance that we only came for the rooftop and thus we don't want to stay and want our money  back --> the answer I got was "you should have been more careful reading our website"

4/ stopped debating - as the money is already wasted, I tried to approach the bar where it took me ages to get drinks. Whilst in queue, a lovely smell of urine at the bar by the way.

5/ downed the drink and left because of terrible music

NOT a place I would recommend. At all.

PS: 1 star given because it is not possible to give none. Doesn't even deserve it.

Isabelle V
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My friends and I spent NYE at Queen of Hoxton. I am surprised there aren't more positive reviews as we had a tremendous time there ! The theme was cool, lots of people played the game by coming dressed up of wearing marine outfits. The music was very eclectic and it's a great thing because everyone was able to enjoy it ! The DJs were cool, especially the Menendez Brothers whom we unwittingly ended up talking to. Being French, we were pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of people there, we got to talk to lots of people from everywhere ! They served hot dogs on the roof, from which the view is amazing !!!! It's a great place to go party, and I normally hate clubs I prefer bars - but I had a great time at Queen of Hoxton. It was reasonably crowded and the only reason why it doesn't get a % stars for me is because the baristas took ages to take our orders everytime, which was very annoying. This would be the only bad thing I wanted to point out for improvement. Other than that, I am sure on less busy nights the service is great. If you've never been, you should go and experience it yourself :-) I highly recommend it.

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I was out for a friends 23rd and it was shaping up to be a good night. Whilst getting a drink at the ground floor bar, i saw this 'DJ' madly twiddling nobs on the mixer channel which was at zero volume. Being a DJ myself i was intrigued, so i watched him for a while. The guy did not even attempt to mix. There was a track running and he literally just played with idle controls whilst dancing about like a moron. I've never seen such a pretentious display of fakery in my life. I've seen some terrible DJ's, but none as bad as this. I decided to talk to him. A few times i pointed out that he was using controls on a silent channel - no response. I then said he was a crap DJ. When he looked up, i realised it was Matt Horne (the guy from gavin and stacey). I was a little starstruck and stopped what i was doing to go tell my friends. As i pointed him out he was reeling of some trap to the bouncers about how i had assaulted him over the decks. They then grabbed me and took me out. I asked the bouncer why i'd been kicked out, i was told i 'shouldn't have pushed the DJ'. I paid £5 to get into that club and my night was over because Gavin can't accept the fact that he's a poser. The whole situation was hilarious. Seriously matt - stop kidding yourself and stick to the acting & whilst you're at it, don't ruin peoples evenings unnecessarily. Grow up. You're not a princess, and you're certainly not a DJ.

South Carolina

Looking for some electric down and dirty fun? This one’s for you! Queen of Hoxton are always offering fun nights. Whether it’s crafting, watching a rooftop film, or just straight dancing they’ve got it on. The drink selection leaves a lot to be desired but the atmosphere is spot on. The popping tunes and flashing lights will have you dancing in no time! Give it a go if you’re after a bustling club night.


I had booked a table to celebrate my birthday here. I waited two hrs for my guests to arrive. Sad and disappointed, I got my things and decided to leave. Once outside, I found out all my guests have been told that I haven't arrived yet and turned away. It may have been an honest mistake, but nobody even contacted me to apologise for a ruined night. It will take a lot to bring me back there again...

Diana T

I've been here a couple of times. On a regular night out it isn't that great, but for the Open Air Cinema in summer its great, and Cat Face was really good here. It really depends on the DJ they have. I think the Saturday night crowd here is a little busy with Essex boys, and the Friday is filled with bankers trying to be cool. So be weary and expect those crowds. If you don't mind that, grab some friends and hang out. The venue is cool, and the photobooth is fun.

Jorge A.
Staff Writer

It is not the greatest venue ever, neither the music or the staff (specially security), but the rooftop is great and the atmosphere as well.


It's a nice venue. The one major issue is the stairs!! To get up to the roof, you need to be fit. My steel drum band covered a company party at this venue and we enjoyed it. With some further tweaks, the roof terrace could be more interesting, but overall, the staff were helpful and polite which makes a lot of difference to the whole experience.