The London Cabaret Awards 2013

Our take on the second edition of the London scene’s annual awards



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  • 'Too cabaret?' The Folly Mixtures defy TV talent-show abuse of the word

    © Paul Singer

  • London Cabaret Awards producer Paul L Martin

    © Paul Singer

  • Jonny Woo in bridal splendour

    © Paul Singer

  • Best Speciality Act winner Craig the Incredible Hula Boy

    © Paul Singer

  • Best Drag Act winner Myra DuBois

    © Paul Singer

  • Best Burlesque Act winner Laurie Hagen (right) with Ivy Paige

    © Paul Singer

  • Your correspondent adjusts his equipment before presenting Best Host or Compere

    © Paul Singer

  • Best Host or Compere winner Dusty Limits

    © Paul Singer

  • Best Musical Variety Act winner Sarah-Louise Young performs as La Poule Plombée

    © Paul Singer

  • Best Alternative Performer winner David Hoyle

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  • David Wood of Outstanding Achievement Award winners Torture Garden

    © Paul Singer

  • The judges, headed up by Sean Mooney of Beyond the Cabaret

    © Paul Singer

'Too cabaret?' The Folly Mixtures defy TV talent-show abuse of the word

© Paul Singer

Just ahead of Valentine’s Day, love was in the air on February 13 as the London Cabaret Awards returned for their second outing. Organised by Paul L. Martin through his company, Excess All Areas, the LCAs debuted last year at the Battersea Barge as something of a family affair for those directly involved in the scene.

This year’s event featured slightly different categories, adjudicated by new judges – there’s a different panel each year – and took place at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (last year’s Best Venue winner) before a bigger and broader if equally drunken audience. In the spirit of the event, here are our own LCA-related awards…

Best red-carpet look

Plenty of contenders, from the classical elegance of Audacity Chutzpah to Dame Richardette’s stubbly-glam noir ensemble, but Jonny Woo’s bridal get-up took the cake.

Best performance

As host, the Divine Miss Em was on point, while the Folly Mixtures and Alp Haydar delivered great samples of their work. But Best Musical Variety Act winner Sarah-Louise Young brought the house down as La Poule Plombée, accompanied by the always-terrific musician Michael Roulston, to whom she dedicated half of her award. (Well, a third – her wigs got a share too.)

Best speech (accepting an award)

David Hoyle’s beautiful speech after winning Best Alternative Performer was perhaps the highlight of the evening, combining a sincere appeal to the importance of love with a pointed recognition of the social and political value of cabaret in troubled times. An honourable mention too to Best Drag Act Myra DuBois, who was predictably funny and surprisingly touching.

Best speech (other)

Plenty of good ’uns. Paul L. Martin kicked things off with a principled dig at the ongoing abuse of ‘cabaret’ as a term (see our take on the subject here). And after the first few awards made it look like we might be in for a less-than-riveting night of names being read from the back of envelopes, Myra DuBois kicked things up a notch presenting the Best Burlesque gong (‘You know what I look for in burlesque acts? Tampon strings’) and clinches the win. Next year’s host…?

Best WTF moment

Sasha Sélavie – aka Sasha de Suinn – was supposed to be presenting the Best Vocal Act award. It wasn’t entirely clear what she did actually do, but it combined plugging her own show, being very excited about something, baffling the audience and announcing the winner before reading out the nominees. Comprehensible? No. Memorable? Yes.

Best excuse to pat ourselves on the back

Penny Arcade’s ‘Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!’ was one of last year’s outstanding shows and Time Out Live was its co-producer. So its win in the Best One-Off Production category was nice.

The double-fister award for winning the same category two years running

Three inaugural winners in this category: Dusty Limits (Best Host or Compere), Alp Haydar (Audience Award) and the Double R Club (Best Ongoing Production).

Best decision by judges

Although there were plenty of deserving losers, it was hard to think of an underserving winner, thanks to good solid decisions from the judges. Their choice for the Outstanding Achievement Award was a surprise but a worthy one: Torture Garden, the fetish club night that opened in 1990 and whose events have featured performers from Dita von Teese and Empress Stah to Franko B and Ron Athey. As the club’s David Wood noted on accepting the award, Torture Garden was among first to recognise artists who now enjoy mainstream success.

A couple of suggestions

Not an award this time, just a couple of thoughts. As noted, this year’s event attracted many unfamiliar with the cabaret scene – a good thing in itself but there’s room for improvement in making more of the night's content accessible to newbies (ensuring all presenters know how to pronounce the nominees' names would be a plus). And the award ceremony would be a natural time to announce the members of the following year’s judging panel.

Meanwhile, congrats to all the winners and roll on 2013!

The London Cabaret Awards 2013 results in full

Best Vocal Act
Fascinating Aïda

Best Musical Variety Act
Sarah-Louise Young

Best Drag Act
Myra DuBois

Best Host/Compere
Dusty Limits

Best Burlesque Act
Laurie Hagen

Best Speciality Act
Craig the Incredible Hula Boy

Best Alternative Performer
David Hoyle

Best Newcomer
The Spiegeltent season at the London Wonderground

Best One-Off Production
Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!

Best Ongoing Production
The Double R Club

Best Cabaret Venue
Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club

Audience Award
Alp Haydar

Unsung Hero Award
Sharon Calcutt (stage manager, Finger in the Pie)

Outstanding Achievement Award
Torture Garden

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