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    Prince Charles Cinema 7 Leicester Place
    WC2H 7BP

What's on at Prince Charles Cinema



Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Sing-A-Long

Tim Burton's spooky 1993 stop animation fantasy, following the exploits of Jack Skellington, who abandons Halloweentown to explore Christmas Town, where he gleefully hijacks the yuletide festivities by kidnapping Santa. Meanwhile, Jack's sweetheart S...

  • Sat Dec 20:

    • 21:00

Night of the Creeps

Egged on by frat house jock Brad, nerds Chris and JC thaw out the freeze-dried body of a guy who got 'slugged' back in 1959. Meanwhile, the axe-man who offed his girlfriend on the same night comes up through the floorboards and starts cutting people...

  • Wed Jan 7 2015:

    • 23:30

The Muppet Movie

First of the big-screen spin-offs, this unwisely ignores the successful formula of the TV shows. The Muppets travel to Hollywood and stardom; aimless aerial and American location footage replace the tight studio format; and Kermit is no longer a stan...

  • Thu Jan 8 2015:

    • 20:45



  • Wed Dec 31:

    • 18:05


Rating: 4/5

Arguably the quintessential subtitled film for people who don’t like subtitled films (it’d be a dust-up between this and ‘Cinema Paradiso’), Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s rose-tinted Parisian romance is wheeled out once more to celebrate its tenth anniversary...

  • Tue Dec 30:

    • 20:45

American Psycho

It's not easy being Patrick Bateman. Strive as he might to do the right thing, it's not clear anyone's taking any notice. And when they do he feels sullied, because they're all filthy oiks anyway. 'I like to dissect girls. Did you know I'm utterly in...

  • Mon Dec 29:

    • 20:45


Fortunately the story of an alternative future is realised with such visual imagination and sparky humour that it's only half way through that the plot's weaknesses become apparent. Like 1984, it looks forward from the '40s to a vast urban society ru...

  • Fri Dec 19:

    • 18:15

Home Alone (Quote-A-Long)

Comedy adventure.

  • Sun Dec 21:

    • 20:45

Indiana Jones Trilogy

Action, adventure.

  • Sun Dec 28:

    • 16:20

Jingle All the Way

Arnie's the dad running round town trying to buy his son an action man toy for Christmas, but they're all sold out. And that's about it. This valiantly hypocritical, uninflected movie keeps its most cynical role for the 'good father' Ted (Hartman), a...

  • Fri Dec 19:

    • 21:00

The Lost Boys

Modern reinterpretation of the vampire myth.

  • Sun Dec 28:

    • 21:50

Stand By Me

Rites-of-passage tale in which a gang of boys make a discovery which tests their friendship and courage.

  • Tue Dec 30:

    • 21:45



  • Mon Dec 29:

    • 22:00

When Harry Met Sally...

Oft-imitated romantic comedy which examines the time old question of whether men and women can be just friends.

  • Wed Dec 31:

    • 19:15

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