Chris Hardwick's top ten stand-up comedians

The podcasting US funnyman reveals his favourite comics – with videos



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Next up in our top ten lists series, Chris Hardwick – Kentucky-born stand-up and founder of Nerdist Industries – tells us about his ten favourite comedians. Here, in no particular order, are his choices.

Steve Martin

‘He’s the reason I wanted to do comedy. Owned all of his albums in the ’70s and knew them back to front (still do).’

Emo Philips

Emo Philips

‘Genius. He has a joke about homonyms, for crap-sake.’

Bill Burr

‘One of the best American comics working today. Like an assault rifle of jokes.’

Paul F Tompkins

‘Conceptually brilliant and follows tangents so hilariously deeper than anyone I’ve ever seen.’

Brian Regan

‘A still-touring legend. My jokes are rife with filth, but he manages to be clean and funny. I know, crazy!’

Maria Bamford

‘Some people learn comedy and some people just are comedy. That’s Maria to me. I adore her.’

Eddie Izzard

‘One word: Flags.’

Daniel Kitson

‘I haven’t even gotten to see as much of his work as I’d like to, but just based on the heckler-crushing stories John Oliver has told me, I must worship him.’

Dave Chappelle

‘I watched him do a four-hour set once. I never thought I could watch four straight hours of comedy, but he was mesmerising and the time flew by.’

Ron Funches

‘You probably don’t know of him, but you should.’

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