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This week’s critic’s choice comedy


Bill Maher

Critics' choice

The acclaimed US satirist and HBO star flies across the Atlantic to lay down some truths about religion, US politics and our freshly reshuffled cabinet.

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Eventim Apollo Hammersmith 23 May 2015

Sheeps – Wembley Previews

Critics' choice

Low-key sketch trio Sheeps test their big-budget new show (or is it just one repeated sketch?) ahead of their definitely happening bookings at Wembley Stadium.

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Soho Theatre Until Saturday May 30 2015


Critics' choice

Political comedy big ’uns Josie Long and Robin Ince join a particularly angry Chris Coltrane at the first post-election Lolitics.

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The Black Heart 19 May 2015

McNeil & Pamphilon Go 8 Bit!

Critics' choice

Don’t forget to bring a fully charged smartphone to this duo’s hugely enjoyable video games-themed night – there’s one round that everyone gets to play.

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Backyard Comedy Club Sunday June 14 2015 - Sunday July 19 2015


Rachael Pollock
Rachael Pollock

PAUL FOOT-Underbelly, Cowgate, Edinburgh Fringe Stumbling on stage wearing his trademark silver jacket, too-short trousers and sporting THAT haircut, Paul Foot intrigues and delights the audience from the outset. He is funny before he’s even opened his mouth, and when he does it is to explain in his up & down voice just how the show works: there’ll be a three-and-a-half-minute rant, there will be some “disturbances” (one or two sentences bulging with whimsy) and he will be asking: “Isn’t life a palaver?” His show consists of sublimely well thought out surrealism; please don’t think he is just “making it all up as he goes along” as I overheard one punter say to his pal. This guy is one of the few who deserves the title of comic genius; the sheer randomness of his set is a joy to behold; tales of late night lonely texting (we’ve all done it), a section of random words slotted together which really shouldn’t be funny but are, funny little bows to the audience which add to the air of eccentricity…all incredibly weird and hysterically funny.