James Dowdeswell’s top ten stand-up comedians

The storytelling stand-up reveals his favourite comics – with videos



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Next up in series of comedians’ favourite comedians is West Country boy and top storyteller James Dowdeswell. Here are his top ten (well, 11 – you’ll see) stand-up comics.

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  • Adam Bloom

    ‘He has a comic mind like a trillion-watt lightbulb, and it’s always on.’

  • Nick Helm

    ‘A powerhouse performer whose show on the closing night of the Machynlleth Comedy Fest was one of the best I’ve ever seen.’

  • Sarah Bennetto

    ‘A goofball. Hilarious storytelling stand-up. Her “found furniture” routine is an absolute doozy.’

  • Pappy's

    ‘These three loons are gut-wrenchingly funny. They did a barnstormingly silly show at Latitude 2013, followed up with their brilliant new sitcom, “Badults”. Boom!’

  • Tony Law

    ‘This Nordic wizard of comedy makes me howl. At the Edinburgh Fringe he has made midday the new midnight.’

  • Josie Long

    ‘Radiates pure joy, even when worked up into a political lather.’

  • Daniel Kitson

    ‘Like Zola or Zidane, he seems to have more time on the ball than the rest of us. He’s capable of creating anything, from soul-soaring stories to slam-dunking drunken hecklers.’

  • Russell Howard

    ‘His brain dances on stage like a child at a Christmas party. I compered his first gig in ’98 and he’s done okay since. The second funniest comic with a lazy eye.’

  • Billy Connolly

    ‘The grandmaster. I saw him do two-and-three-quarter hours without a toilet break. I went twice. His “I know you. I know you,” routine is a masterclass in comedic storytelling.’

  • Stewart Lee/Phil Kay

    ‘Both play comedy like a jazz flute. Lee has learned the scales and pushes the boundaries. Kay is a troubadour who seems to find a different flute in a different place every night and makes comedic sounds we’ve never heard before.’

Adam Bloom

‘He has a comic mind like a trillion-watt lightbulb, and it’s always on.’

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