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Where to see the 2013 Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Awards nominees

Catch this year's triumphant Edinburgh Fringers live in London

Each year, the Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Awards panel watch every single one of the 500 plus eligible comedy shows at the Fringe and whittles them down to a shortlist of the funniest comedy shows at the festival. 'But what of us Londonites?' we hear you cry. Don't you worry, for those that couldn't make it to Scotland, most of the nominees are bringing their shows to London.

This page will be updated as the 2013 winners and nominees announce dates in our city, and in the meantime, you can already book tickets for the following.



Carl Donnelly – Now That's What I Carl Donnelly! Volume V

Cheeky, chatty storyteller Carl Donnelly focuses on a wildlife-filled trip to Australia, accidentally shitting your pants, and why the world would be better if we were all gay in his hour of anecdotes.

See Carl Donnelly in London

Mike Wozniak – Take the Hit

Moustachioed maestro Mike Wozniak – or 'The King of Showbusiness', as he prefers to be called – subtly, and quite brilliantly, subverts the comedy cliché of mother-in-law gags in 'Take the Hit'.

See Mike Wozniak in London

Seann Walsh – The Lie-In King

Walsh provides expertly crafted observations on drinking culture, hangovers and, well, being lazy in 'The Lie-In King'. He's developed into a talented physical comedian and an ace impressionist.

See Seann Walsh in London



Aisling Bea – C'est La Bea

Irish charmer Aisling Bea showcases her many talents – hip-hop dancing, hula-hooping, nose-whistling – in her remarkably assured debut.

See Aisling Bea in London

Matt Okine – Being Black & Chicken & S#%t

Friendly Aussie youngster Matt Okine discusses his African/European roots in his solo show, as well as throwing in witty observations about seafood and toasters.

See Matt Okine in London

Romesh Ranganathan – Rom Com

Romesh Ranganathan proved he's a talent to keep an eye on with his confident stand-up show about his distain for his kids and racial stereotypes.

See Romesh Ranganathan in London

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