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Top 10 museum exhibitions in London

Check out our pick of the city's best cultural offerings at the top ten museum exhibitions in London

Get your diary at the ready: London's top museums are set to showcase an abundance of cracking museum exhibitions throughout the events calendar. There's always an exciting show to delve into, on subjects as varied as history, fashion, art and the natural world. Check out our guide to free museums in London if you fancy seeing more of the capital's museums.
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The best museum exhibitions in London


Drawing on Childhood

What links Peter Pan, Tom Jones, Superman, Jane Eyre and the Boy Who Lived? They are, as this poignant little exhibition so deftly illustrates, all foundlings and orphans. Which makes them particularly at home in the soothing Bloomsbury building constructed on the site of Thomas Coram’s Foundling Hospital.

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Foundling Museum , Bloomsbury Tuesday February 9 2016 - Sunday May 1 2016

Beyond Beauty: Transforming the Body in Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptian penchant for adorning the body is well documented, with plenty of historical information available about swaddled-up corpses (and plenty of films set in Egypt BC featuring Cleopatra’s lot balancing immoderate headdresses above kohl-lined eyes). It’s a big topic, to be sure, and you might reasonably expect this to be an expansive exhibition. But Two Temple Place isn’t the British Museum, and it’s not trying to be: instead, this select collection of archaeological booty has a charm all of its own. 

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Two Temple Place , Temple Until Sunday April 24 2016

Light, Time, Legacy: Francis Towne’s Watercolours of Rome

I love this show, though maybe not for the reasons the curators expect. In 1780, Francis Towne (1739-1816) took a trip to Rome in search of pictorial scenes. He was an established painter, albeit a provincial one. Rome opened his eyes: he painted it conscientiously and – at times – spiritedly. His compositions grew bolder and more stylised. They stopped looking like the Lake District on an unusually sunny day. 

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British Museum , Bloomsbury Until Sunday August 14 2016

Otherworlds: Visions of our Solar System

Space. To go, boldly or otherwise, isn’t really an option for most of us, despite the advent of contactless TfL payment . But we have sent countless craft, probes and bits of hardware, as well as the odd mammal, into the heavens. And they have returned with or beamed back screeds of technical information – now held in the archives of various space agencies. It’s this data that artist and writer Michael Benson sifts through, taking individual frames of often grainy black-and-white footage to come up with the seamless colour montages of celestial goings-on in this show. 

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Natural History Museum , Brompton Until Sunday May 22 2016

Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age

This exhibition tells the story of how Russia won the race and became the first country to explore the galaxy that lies beyond our own planet. See moving testimonies and memorabilia from some of space travel's biggest names and hear how its pioneers made lift off happen.

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Science Museum , Brompton Until Sunday March 13 2016

Tibet’s Secret Temple

Discover the history of Tibertan Buddhist yogic and meditational practices at this major exhibition from the Wellcome Collection. Over 120 objects from across the world feature in the display.

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Wellcome Collection , Bloomsbury Tuesday February 9 2016 - Sunday February 28 2016

Alice in Wonderland

150 years have passed since 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' was first published. To celebrate the anniversary, the British Library have curated this special exhibition within their entrance hall where visitors can sneak a peak at Lewis Carroll's original manuscript complete with hand-drawn illustrations, as well as beautiful editions by Ralph Steadman, Mervyn Peake, Leonard Weisgard, Salvador Dali and Arthur Rackham.

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British Library , Euston Until Sunday April 17 2016

Facing History: Contemporary Portraiture

How artists see themselves and us has captivated the public for centuries. Here the V&A brings together the works of 20 artists including Julian Opie, Grayson Perry, Thomas Ruff, Maud Sulter and Gavin Turk to form an overview of contemporary portraiture.

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V&A , Brompton Until Sunday April 24 2016

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