Top 10 museum exhibitions in London

Check out our pick of the city's top cultural offerings for 2015

Get your 2015 diary at the ready: London's top museums are set to showcase an abundance of cracking exhibitions throughout the year. Over the next 12 months, discover the secrets of Sherlock Holmes, marvel at the weird and wonderful Designs of the Year, and see the style and sparkle of Italian fashion through the decades.

Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime

Our picture may be somewhat skewed as a result of compulsive viewing of various TV crime series but, every which way you carefully inspect it, forensics is a damn cool use of science. This exhibition of original evidence, archival material, photographs, film footage, specimens, forensic implements and artworks will look at the history, art and science of forensic medicine.

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Wellcome Collection Tuesday March 3 2015 - Sunday June 21 2015 Free

Staying Power: Photographs of Black British Experience, 1950s-1990s

This new display at the V&A showcases a variety of photographic responses to black British experience. The pieces have recently been acquired as part of a collaborative project with the Black Cultural Archives which aims to increase the number of black British photographers and images of black Britain in the museum.

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V&A Until Sunday May 24 2015 Free

Cotton to Gold: Extraordinary Collections of the Industrial North West

The second half of the nineteenth century saw Lancashire overcome with both development and deprivation thanks to thousands of cotton mills providing hundreds of thousands of jobs. Many of the magnates who profited from the industry spent their newfound riches on great works of art and important artefacts. This exhibition of treasures includes rare Roman coins, Medieval manuscripts, Turner watercolours, Tiffany glass and even a Peruvian mummy.

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Two Temple Place Until Saturday April 18 2015 Free

Building a Dialogue: The Architect and the Client

There can't be many more permanent projects than buildings, so it's little wonder that architects and their clients have especially delicate and complex relationships. This exhibition looks at the work and influence of British architects such as Sir Christopher Wren, William Chambers and Sir John Soane, charting the development of their profession from Elizabethan to Victorian times and looking at the role of the client in architectural commissions.

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Sir John Soane's Museum Tuesday March 3 2015 - Saturday May 9 2015 Free

Sir Jacob Epstein: Babies and Bloomsbury

The modernist sculptor Sir Jacob Epstein had a rather unconventional marital arrangement while he lived in Bloomsbury in the early twentieth century – none of his five children were a product of his marriage, though his wife Margaret did raise his eldest and youngest children, Peggy Jean and Jackie. The artist was often inspired by babies and children, and this exhibition brings together the bronzes and drawings which resulted from that interest, including many of his own family members.

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Foundling Museum Tuesday March 3 2015 - Sunday May 10 2015

Cravings: Can Your Food Control You?

There's not a meal that goes by that doesn't involve some kind of decision based on what you do or don't fancy eating, but is it our own appetite influencing those decisions, or has the food tricked us into it? This exhibition of personal stories, curious objects and cutting-edge science and technology looks at how food affects our bodies, brains and habits. Find out how our cravings are developed by brains and gut bacteria, take part in neurogastronomy experiments, compare how baby animals react to sweet foods and learn more about the world's first poo bank.

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Science Museum Until Friday January 1 2016 Free

Small Stories: At Home in a Dolls' House

Here's your chance to have a poke around somebody else's house and discover tales of marriage, parties, politics and crime – without feeling nosey. At the V&A Museum of Childhood's winter exhibition, 12 dolls' houses from the museum's extensive collection represent changes in architecture and design over the past 300 years and provide an insight into the lives of the characters that inhabit these delicate creations.

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V&A Museum of Childhood Until Sunday September 6 2015 Free

Sherlock Holmes: The Man Who Never Lived and Will Never Die

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous Londoners ever. This exhibition at the Museum of London seeks to find out who Holmes is, and why Arthur Conan Doyle's late-Victorian detective endures to this day. Exhibits will include a nineteenth-century portrait of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, original Holmes manuscripts and the very coat and dressing gown worn by Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC's 'Sherlock'. Many of the paintings, drawings, illustrations and photographs will reveal details of Victorian London, giving a glimpse of the famous landmarks and cultural climate which inspired Conan Doyle's creations.

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Museum of London Until Sunday April 12 2015

Comics, So What?

Join this free event at the Cartoon Museum to celebrate everything that's great about comics and graphic novels, and to help launch the museum's new Comics Gallery. Hear talks by some of Britain's best creators; Hunt Emerson, Karrie Fransman, David Hine and Posy Simmonds will all be in attendance. Tickets are free but must be booked.

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Cartoon Museum Saturday March 7 2015 Free

Fashion on the Ration: 1940s Street Style

Rationing didn't only mean a dowdy dinner table – World War II's austerity measures affected clothing too, leaving the British public to adapt their fashions accordingly. Clearly make-do-and-mend was especially effective when it came to clothes, for the results were more casual styles and some ingenious renovating and recycling. This exhibition provides insight into the home lives of men and women during wartime Britain, showing their sense of identity and the ways in which they coped with having their home comforts restricted.

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Imperial War Museum Thursday March 5 2015 - Monday August 31 2015



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