Top 10 museum exhibitions in London

Check out our pick of the city's top cultural offerings for 2015

Get your 2015 diary at the ready: London's top museums are set to showcase an abundance of cracking exhibitions throughout the year. Over the next 12 months, discover the secrets of Sherlock Holmes, marvel at the weird and wonderful Designs of the Year, and see the style and sparkle of Italian fashion through the decades.

Small Stories: At Home in a Dolls' House

Here's your chance to have a poke around somebody else's house and discover tales of marriage, parties, politics and crime – without feeling nosey. At the V&A Museum of Childhood's winter exhibition, 12 dolls' houses from the museum's extensive collection represent changes in architecture and design over the past 300 years and provide an insight into the lives of the characters that inhabit these delicate creations.

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V&A Museum of Childhood Until Sunday September 6 2015 Free

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous Londoners ever. This exhibition at the Museum of London seeks to find out who Holmes is, and why Arthur Conan Doyle's late-Victorian detective endures to this day. Exhibits will include a nineteenth-century portrait of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, original Holmes manuscripts and the very coat and dressing gown worn by Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC's 'Sherlock'. Many of the paintings, drawings, illustrations and photographs will reveal details of Victorian London, giving a glimpse of the famous landmarks and cultural climate which inspired Conan Doyle's creations.

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Museum of London Until Sunday April 12 2015

The Institute of Sexology

The Wellcome Collection's newly expanded gallery space will open with a wink and a blush with The Institute of Sexology, an exhibition that brings together the great pioneers of the study of sex. More than 200 pieces of art, erotica, photography and ethnography will help visitors get a new perspective on perversions, lust and normality, with live events, discussions and performances to accompany the X-rated exhibits.

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Wellcome Collection Until Sunday September 20 2015 Free

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Celebrating its fiftieth year, the renowned competition exhibition returns to the Natural History Museum with images of the most extraordinary species on the planet captured by professional and amateur photographers. Attracting record number visitors each year and over 40,000 entries you can preview the talent on show and even have your say with the People’s Choice Award that includes stunning under water views of Australian sea lion pups playing to the unlikely vision of a texting monkey. Get in quick as voting closes on Sep 5.

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Natural History Museum Until Sunday August 30 2015

Wedding dresses 1775-2014

Critics' choice

Take a look at two centuries of meringue design, at the V&A's crowd-pleasing Spring exhibition of wedding dresses. The star exhibits are likely to be the celebrity gowns - punky Gwen Stefani's pink dip-dye Dior number is shown for the first time, and it's a whopper. Some of the most exquisite workmanship comes from the older pieces though - a perfectly preserved brocade gown from 1780 is stitched from Spitalfields silk.

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V&A Until Sunday March 15 2015

Truth and Memory: British Art of the First World War

The war was just too big, confided William Kennington after he had completed his masterpiece ‘The Kensingtons at Laventie’ in 1915, one of the first things you’ll see in the ‘Memory’ section of this captivating two-part show. The authorities had hoped that Kennington would make more paintings to rival his pin-sharp, quietly devastating depiction of his unit – knackered, wounded, each soldier caught in a moment of reflection after their march back to billets from the trenches. But he couldn’t do it. The war was just too big.

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Imperial War Museum Until Sunday March 8 2015 Free

Churchill's Scientists

We'd never have won the war without science on our side, and a great number of breakthroughs took place under the direction of Winston Churchill. Marking the fiftieth anniversary of the portly Prime Minister's death, this exhibition celebrates the inventions and scientific endeavour which came to Britain's aid during World War Two.

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Science Museum Until Tuesday March 1 2016 Free

Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Among the awe-inspiring shortlisted entries for this year’s competition are pics of psychedelic auroras, spine-tingling meteor showers and the centre of the Heart Nebula. The last example is a star-clustered region of glowing gas in the Cassiopeia constellation – in case you didn’t already know. The free exhibition features remarkable photos from a record number of submissions, showcasing remarkable feats of astrophotography.

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Royal Observatory Until Sunday February 1 2015 Free

Disobedient Objects

A selection of objects from the 1980s to now that detail the history of protest and the role these objects played in making change happen. Including woven barriers, political videogames, an inflatable general assembly (a creation by Greta Hansen that brings together and covers a public gathering, a bit like a marquee), experimental activist bicycles and much more.

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V&A Until Sunday February 1 2015 Free

Blue and White: British Printed Ceramics

Spanning objects from the 1750s  to the present day, this exhibition takes a closer look at the iconic blue and white ceramics that have become something of a phenomenon with us Brits. A varied collection of designs and decorated pieces reflects changes within British society and culture, and explores the fascination the style holds for consumers as well as potters and artists.

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V&A Saturday January 31 2015 - Sunday January 3 2016 Free



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