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  • Address:

    Burrito Bros 17 Clerkenwell Road
    EC1M 5RD

  • Opening hours:

    Meals served 11am-11pm Mon-Thur; 11am-midnight Fri

  • Price:

    Meal for two: around £18

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    1. Burrito Bros
      • 17 Clerkenwell Road
        EC1M 5RD
      • 51.522446,-0.101646

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Roger M

It's clearly improved in the past year as this is far and away our favourite Burrito in the area. A group of us who work nearby are regulars and it's not just the loyalty scheme (eat 6, the 7th is free) that keeps us coming back for more. The large pork burrito with everything, super spicy with jalapenos hits the spot every time. Friendly staff, expertly wrapped buttitos and fantastic value.


This place used to be great. Its since gone rapidly downhill, I can only assume its under new ownership — I've tried it a couple of times since then and sadly its still not improved. The chicken is dry, the soggy shredded iceberg lettuce has been stolen from a 1970s prawn cocktail and the salsa doesn't really taste of anything...Avoid.


I orderd food online. Chcken casadia and chicken fajita. The food came 30 minutes late. When it arrived it was cold (obviously). Chcken fajita was actually beef and I dont eat beef as I don't eat red meat at all! fajta was burrito. I called back to give my feedback. Person who picked up the phone said they can deliver my order but I need to give the one I got back. That was pretty much impossible cause I had to try casadia to find out that it was made out of beef. I said to the guy that I'm too hungry and I will eat the burito, but I just called to give my feedback because... That's when the person hang up on me! Overall it was a very poor experience and I really don't recomend! I work in hospitality and this is not the way to treat customer!


Terrible burritos... you're better off with the chains or the burrito stall in the nearby Whitecross st market


Nott sure how you can get a burrito so wrong. No flavour, horrible textures - utter waste of money


The burritos are decent enough, but this place is never open. The frustration of anticipating a burrito and walking down just to find that the shop is once again closed is more disappointing than any mediocre burrito could ever be.


I've been to many burrito places and this one is terrible. All the meats taste the same, the wraps leak. Avoid unless everywhere is closed


Oh dear what has happened. Not been for a while. Served tonight by a guy who struggled to wrap the burrito but then said the filling is a bit cold (and it was) so I'll put it in the heater afterwards and thus toasted the bread to the foil! The bad wrapping lead to leakage. Oh dear. £6.50 too now! Not good value at all. Last time. Shame.


I live just around the corner from this place and had been meaning to try it for a while, although generally I prefer to cook my own burritos/fajitas/tacos given how cheap, easy and quick they are to make. Anyhow, I placed an order at a reasonable 9.30 p.m. for a beef burrito and a side of nachos, totalling just over £12.00. After 40 minutes of waiting however, nothing. So I called, given that it really only takes 10 minutes to cook a burrito and that I live 100m away. The guy explained that the delivery guy had left 20minutes before. So I waited still. Eventually afer +50 minutes I get a surly phone call from the delivery guy telling me to come down and get my food. Was it still warm? No. Were the nachos soggy? Oh yes. Will I be ordering from there again? I think not.