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A French dip might sound like some swoony Gallic dance move, but it’s actually a hot meat sandwich from the US. Thinly cut slices of meat are put back into their cooking juices (the ‘jus’), then packed into a chewy baguette and served with more of the jus (or a cup of jus-based thin gravy), for dipping. It’s just one half of the concept behind this South London newcomer. The ‘flip’ side, is a menu of – yup, you guessed it – burgers.

Our bacon cheeseburger was excellent, its beautiful charred-on-the-outside, pink-on-the-inside patty having been topped with molten cheese and crisp smoky bacon, not to mention long slivers of gherkin, burger sauce and shards of raw cabbage (a smart move: crunchier than lettuce, but with a peppery note). This was all snuggled into a rich, of-the-moment brioche bun. Fries were decent: medium skinny, properly crunchy and paprika-salted.

Yet the dips, which are the more interesting part of Dip & Flip’s offering (and stop it from being ‘just another burger joint’), proved disappointing. While our lamb dip saw juicy folds of full-flavoured meat slathered in a nicely minted gravy, these flavours were lost against the doughiness of the torpedo roll. Stateside, bread of this thickness would be offered double-dipped (where they gravy-soak the undersides before assembling) – apparently Dip & Flip tried this, but locals couldn’t get their heads around it. We were also bemused to have been forgotten about as soon as our dishes arrived. But the vibe here is fun-loving, with loud, upbeat music and a warm bare-brick walls-meet-concrete-floors vibe.

We’re seeing more and more excellent French Dips (in Meatmission, Hawksmoor and independent food stalls) across London. Dip & Flip, alas, should stick to the burgers.

Venue name: Dip & Flip
Address: 87 Battersea Rise
SW11 1HW
Transport: Rail: Clapham Junction rail
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After hearing lots of wonderful things about their successful running at Clapham I was so excited to hear they have opened another branch in nearby Wimbledon, the highlight being the dipping gravy similar to the Canadian poutine.The venue is fairly small but there is plenty of seating. Staff are always very attentive and they also have a great selection of craft beers. I had the patty melt that was quite similar to a toasted sandwich but smaller than expected and fries with everything including cheese, bacon, gravy and chillis galore with definitely the yum factor. Will be back to try more of the menu on offer. 

Sarah G

This is Tooting's newest dirty food place.

I was really excited to go this week and frankly am a little disappointed though am going to give it the benefit of the doubt as it's in it's opening few weeks.

The restaurant itself is plain and not very 'vibey'. I think they need to jazz it up a little!

The menu is interesting in that it is novel but I wonder how flash in the pan this concept will be? The main issue was the fairly variable service. Some customers got really effusive greetings and the menu/concept explained to them - we were pretty ignored. We were a lot older than most people in there. 

We had a dip (roast meat, in soft roll with gravy on the side) This comes with a variety of gravy options but when we asked about these the waitress was not that bothered about explaining the difference, so we went for the simplest. The meat and gravy were both lukewarm but delicious - a v messy eat and you don't get a fork, only a knife! We were right at the front and the staff spend their time at the back so it was hard to get their attention.  We also had a chilli cheese burger - comes with a brioche bun and lots of chillis. It was a great burger. We had squeezy cheese fries - which are fries with a fairly industrial looking 'home made' cheese sauce on them - dipped in the gravy they were crazy delicious!

They have some intriguing and delicious sounding hard shakes - but at £6.50 I couldn't bring myself to try one the other night. I really wish places that serve these would find a way of doing mini ones.

The service was well meaning but pretty terrible - we ordered a beef dip - and got 2 halves of a dip - one beef and one lamb - and were then quizzed about it - as it was impossible that could have happened- it took a fair while to get a replacement then to add insult to our fairly, relaxed, injury we were charged for both! - I personally wouldn't have charged us for either but they did remove one when we queried it. 

It's a cheap and fun place - and i would give it another go but given its simplicity i'd say it needs to make sure everything is spot on to be able to compete in Tooting. Our bill was around £25 - which included 2 beers.

Jane G.

We literally stumbled on this restaurant in Wimbledon. It looked full and so we had a peek. We were instantly greeted by Michelle the manager and assured it wouldn't be long for a table and handed a menu. The menu is short but sweet and in a matter of minutes the decisions were made. After about 5 minutes Michelle showed us to our table, apologised for the wait we had and left us to meet our waiter. I had the dip roll with horseradish, my partner had the potato rosti with fried egg and we shared cheese fries, gravy, bacon and green chilli. There is not a lot of seating, it is a bit noisy and cramped as far as any negatives. But we were fortunate to have an out of the way table with room to handle the food. Handle the food is right, lovely messy, messy, mess. I have to say although my French dip was to die for, I found myself envious of everyone else's buns and wished I'd have gotten a burger. I only ate the bottom of my roll and it was nothing special. The inside however was very tasty! Pickle, horseradish, coleslaw and very lean roast beef. Very nice. My partner got the veggie option...it was heavenly but very hard to eat we had sauce everywhere, which is probably why you receive not only a wet wipe but each table is equipped with an entire roll of kitchen towel. From the looks of things most people had burgers so that will be my next try. They all seemed a bit rare but everyone seemed to be really enjoying them. The fries were amazing! Some of the best cheesy fries ever! We were not rushed out, given a pitcher of water, treated like one of the family.

Dianne H

For flip sake, you need to get yourself down to Dip & Flip pronto fellow burger lover.

This is a delightful spot where you can taste a combo of burger, gravy, squeezy cheezy fries (check out below, dreamy) and vanilla milkshake the size of your head. Heaven.

So we tried the lamb baguette and plain burgers which were spot on medium/rare…next time I will build up the courage to try the combo burger to see what the dark side tastes like.

I would totally come back here for the dunking glory – kitchen roll on table absolutely necessary.  One thing though, make sure you’re not sat right beside the door.  It’s a popular place and it was a revolving door all night – only the cows should be open to barn conditions! 


It is my personal opinion that eating a burger should be a messy affair. It should be cooked rare as possible (bore off to the rules of cooking minced meat more thoroughly - i'm happy to take the risk!) and the juices should dribble down my forearm with every bite I take. Burgers that don't do this are not as enjoyable, and that is the fact of the matter.

I always thought the best burger in London could be found at Patty & Bun (it does all of the above to a very delicious, satisfying standard), but a recent trip to Dip & Flip in Battersea quite rapidly changed that opinion. Without doubt this is the best burger I have ever had the pleasure of eating. I chose the Cheeseburger with sliced roast beef, dunked in gravy. it is served with ketchup, mustard, pickles and slaw. And it is the juiciest, messiest, most succulent burger I think available in London. As frustrating as many find it when the burger falls apart in your hand, this is exactly how I like it. Being made to eat it in segments is more enjoyable because you get to experience every small flavour included within the masterpiece. it also makes it easier to dip into the accompanying bowl of gravy (by the way, can we make it compulsory for every restaurant in London to provide a side bowl of gravy for every meal? Time Out people - you can make this happen, no?)

The patty is gorgeous and succulent, the slices of beef drop with juice (and gravy) and the mustard has a sweet hotness, as does the pickle. The cheese oozes out the edges and marries with the gravy, like a stunning relationship you never thought would work but they stuck together despite what everyone said and BAM - turns out it was true love after all!

The place itself is cute. A big gravy mural on the wall, and old classroom style chairs to sit on, all personalised with cool nicknames - including one obviously made for me. Yes everyone, I am 'sexy g'... if we could all start calling me that now that'd be great. Thanks.

I'm so excited that they've just opened another venue in Tooting (more local to me) so these burgers can feature more regularly in my life. *insert praise hands emoji here*

rob g
Staff Writer

Went to the Wimbledon Branch yesterday.... 

Service was friendly and attentive (at least from the manager - its a little sad to be told by a waitress how tired she is, isn't it?) I plumped for the patty in a toastie which was fantastic ....Chips and mozzarella that were possibly over peppery and soaked in gravy went down well with one of us - as did the milkshake. Perfect for a hangover.... possibly not the best value up against the growing competition on Wimbledon Broadway these days


Only 3 words could describe an eating experience at Flip & Dip,… messy, messy and… messy!! Or dirty, really dirty as you prefer to put it.

The Flip & Dip burger is difficult to eat, it will break in your hands, you will surely lose all the ingredients on the attempt of dipping it into the gravy that comes with it and it will all end up on your shirt, but all an all it will be a satisfying experience. My burger was tasty, well made and above all fun to eat with a bunch of friends. The dip is a similar concept but the roll got slightly soggy and It was way smaller and less fulfilling, so I wouldn't recommend those. Milkshakes are great and let’s be realistic, they increase the nastiness of it all. Soft drinks where really expensive though and the service was average.

As a friend of mine put it: ” an ungodly abomination for some or a heaven on a bun for others, but definitely a unique eating experience that won’t leave you indifferent”.


Samantha H

The first time I went to Dip & Flip they had run out of burgers after a heavy bank holiday weekend so I felt I needed to go back another time to properly try the place!  I am so glad that I did!  The burger was delicious, the addition of gravy to dip it in was  phenomenal and the poutine was just divine.  They have learnt a lot since their earlier days and have upped the quality of food and made the atmosphere much more inviting.  Definitely worth a visit, especially as Northcote road area slowly gets taken over by chains....it is good to support the independent business owner!!! 

Emma W

Burgers are good but any burger joint should be. Chicken burger terrible and gravy like warm watered down bisto. Gutted as sounded so good. Hair in glass of coke and no one even asked if all ok. Oh and deafening music (I'm not being an old fart!) but literally painful and they clearly wanted you in round and out. Waited to pay bill for ages (they couldn't hear us as music so loud) so had to scrape together cash so we could exit! Manager was great when we got to speak to him.

love supporting independents but this just sends me back to Byron .....

Dominic M

The concept of a burger topped with shavings of roast beef and gravy had me watering at the mouth and I'd been dying to check this place out for months.  So today I finally made the schlep down to Wandsworth.  I wish I hadn't of bothered.  

While the Dip & Flip burger was perfectly adequate, it wasn't anything game-changing.  IN fact the meat of the burger was a little under seasoned.  The gravy it came with was lukewarm and thin in both body and texture.  It added nothing but unnecessary mess to the experience.  

But the worst part was the completely amateur attempt at poutine.  We ordered the fries with chillies, bacon, cheese and gravy.......only to be presented with a bowl containing a puddle of lukewarm gravy and solid mozzarella at the bottom, upon which sat a bed of bland fries peppered with chopped green chillies and bacon bits - for a second I thought this was a post modern attempt at a deconstructed version of this dish - until I tried eating it and found it nigh on impossible to combine the different parts onto my fork. 

So I asked the manager to melt the cheese and he said they didn't have the facilities to do so, which I found faintly ridiculous.  He offered to change it for something else but didn't seem to have any intentions on making my dining experience anything other than adequate.

The restaurant itself lacked atmosphere and was devoid of any charm.  It seemed like this was not a business that the owners/managing staff lived and breathed, which to be honest, I think is vital given the competition of other London burger joints who place a huge emphasis on their craft.

I won't be visiting again.