Honest Burgers

Tricia de Courcy Ling / Time Out
Tricia de Courcy Ling / Time Out
Tricia de Courcy Ling / Time Out
Tricia de Courcy Ling / Time Out
Tricia de Courcy Ling / Time Out
Tricia de Courcy Ling / Time Out

Check out our video introduction to Honest Burgers here.

Don’t be alarmed if this tiny burger joint is packed when you arrive – simply give the friendly, efficient staff your number to key into their iPads and wait for them to text you when a space is free (you can follow your queue status online too). That will give you time to pop off for an aperitif in one of Brixton Village/Market Row’s numerous other buzzing businesses, or to grab a carryout from the off-licence, listen to street music (there’s always something going on in Brixton Village) and generally soak up the atmosphere in these covered streets. Once you’re in, there’s no time to waste mulling over the menu. There are five simple choices – plain, cheese, ‘honest’ (with bacon and cheese), a special (manchego and chorizo, perhaps), and a vegetable fritter. Beef is supplied by Ginger Pig, cooked medium, served in a glazed bun and is just as juicy as you could wish. Honest’s signature chips are seasoned with rosemary salt. There’s a minimal wine list, ale from Redchurch brewery in Bethnal Green, and local speciality Ossie’s ginger beer. Fast food at the top of its game.


Venue name: Honest Burgers
Address: Unit 12
Brixton Village Market
Opening hours: noon-4pm Mon; noon-10.30pm Tue-Sat; noon-10pm Sun
Transport: Tube: Brixton tube/rail
Price: Main courses £7.50-£11.50

Average User Rating

4.5 / 5

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  • 5 star:20
  • 4 star:1
  • 3 star:0
  • 2 star:2
  • 1 star:1
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Bernie A

Best bloody burgers I can find in London! This was my first Honest Burgers experience, and I've tried a few round the city, but Brixton seems to come out on top every time. Will return for sure.


Don't care how long I have to wait, these burgers are worth t every time. I struggle to eat most burgers as I find them too tough and tasteless, but honest burgers are cooked to perfection and melt in your mouth. The chips are Devine. I wouldn't eat a burger anywhere else as they just don't compare to Honest. And I met the girl who is now one of my best friends there, so I will happily give it 5 stars!


The manager of this eatery is a fool. She turned away me and my partner! claiming that she was waiting for other customers, and they would be closing in 30 mins. However when we walked pass 30 mins later, the place was still open, and more or less empty, meaning those expected customers did not show. When we complained about this, she became very defensive, and then resorted to say that we were accusing her of racism!!! Utterly ludicrous and ridiculous. I intend to take this matter further, as how on earth does anyone turn away customers in this day and age.


The fad of American burgers and food invading London has done nothing to put a chink in the armour of London's finest burger joint. Toe to toe, in my humble opinion, Honest Burger wins hands down in every aspect of the burger department, from the aged steak meat patty to the rosemary infused chips. Here, you can actually tell that the chips were from an actual potato rather than the crinkle cut reformed monstrosities we get across the the Atlantic (now a shack about 15 minutes walk away if you know what I mean) Here's what I say to Honest Burgers. Shut Up and Take My Money!!!!


I live literally 1 minute from this place and it has become my second home. The burgers are spot on every time, chips are salty (just how I like them). DELISH.


Admittedly I'm not the biggest burger fan but I found the burgers pricey, and whilst the meat inside the buns was undoubtedly very nice, the chips were far too salty for my taste. Also the air inside the place was just too greasy foe me, the beer was ok. All in all, ok, perhaps even good, if you like that sort of grub and don't mind a load of salt and your clothes smelling of fat, a certain, I'd imagine American burger experience but personally I wouldn't go there again.


i am actually quite upset to see someone writing that byron and honest are similar... they are incomparable on service, taste and style. firstly honest is english and byron in american. honest is the best burger in london by far in my book... it is exceptionally good value for the most devine mouthful of joy ever to be tasted. They always have new specials. You have to wait but will get called back when your table is ready by phone which i think is very kind and once your inside your food comes super fast and with a smile. The best thing for me is the simple well season not over cooked patty! I cannot praise this place enough! I have never been disappointed. The only thing I would like to see is onion rings but you can't have everything. BYRON IS RUBBISH


The best burgers of London! Now, I've said it. Oh and I love the rosemary fries too! YUM.


Just got back from my second trip in a week. One word - AMAZING. Best burger I have ever had. I'm going back on Sunday!


Perfectly sized and seriously tasty burgers, divine chips and friendly service. New fav burger spot–will be back!

Andy H

The brioche burger has become a lot more mainstream in the last couple of years and to be 'honest' (har har), these burgers are very ordinary for the price you pay. It's around £8 for a burger and chips and plus drink is a tenner, which is damned pricey, for a burger which is very greasy, quite small (the advertising video for this place is misleading, u only get one small patty) and my triple-cooked fries which were dareisay.... burnt? Bar Boulud serves up a truly amazing burger and it's only a little bit more.They've obviously spent a lot of time and effort on marketing, at the expense of value for money. There's another place in Brixton Market Row called Bukowksi's, which tastes as good but is a bargain £5.50 for a bbq pit burger n fries, that is without doubt more tastier and not as pretentious. My 'honest' recommendation? Go there and feel more satisfied. Sorry lads, i know my burgers!


A couple of others come close, but you can forget about most of them. Honest Burgers is very simply THE best burger, time after time after time.


Final went this weekend. Worth the wait. Chips weren't too salty but the burger was insane. SO SO GOOD.

Mike F

This place is a little gem in Brixton market. Get there now before Brixton market gets taken over by the chains that will push in as rents rise. Lovely service (they rushed it along as we were trying to catch a movie) and really superb burgers. A daily special is chalked up and I opted for this chimchuri and chorizo number. Proper messy meat-juice-down-your-arm number served with their crispy fluffy triple cooked skinny chips that should probably come with some kind of health warning. You didn't come here because you were on a diet though... Reckon you might be waiting a while to get a table in peak hours, but with food this good its only a matter of time before they expand out of the market and into a bigger site. Get there now though as the atmosphere is all part of its charm. Enjoy.


Best burger I've had so far in London and I've been to Meateasy and Byron and Ground which I think is now gone. Chips were quality as well. Price for it all was exceptional. Enjoy this place while it's still cheap and in Brixton. The only reason I hesitate on 5 stars was the fact that the time it took to receive our food from placing the order was exceptionally long . The timing in the kitchen needs to be sorted out. Apart from that can't really complain, service was very friendly just loong!


Absolutely delicious, one of the best burgers I have ever had. The rosemary salted chips are a great compliment to the meal. They are always busy but it's worth waiting. Friendly service too, highly recommend a visit.


Having read the time out review I was unsure what to expect! Well I can tell you it was fab! Great meaty meat and the rosemary salted chips are to die for I waited 20 minutes for a table but it was worth the wait How cool is Brixton village!!


I loved this burger! It's one of the tastiest I've ever had. The chips were fantastic - all fresh produce, and you could tell, and cooked in a really original way. Even the lemon drink means "made with REAL lemons". I shall be going back as soon as I can to try their fritter burger or I may just give in and have another honest burger or should I have both .........


Delicious burger, great chips and 'honest', friendly service. Love the gluten free bun too!


I really like the veggie "fritter" burger, usually find the veggie option at burger places to be dry and sad. lovely home-made lemonade too

Jo, South London

Surprised at the review above. I found the chips there to be really fantastic. Crunchy exterior, light and fluffy on the inside with a subtle rosemary(?) salt bite to complement the beef patty. I've been back twice now and on both occasions have found myself ordering a second portion. Really original burgers too, no fuss, quality ingredients and deliciously juicy.