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Nepalese Tandoori


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Renowned throughout London as one of the city's best Himalayan eateries, the Nepalese Tandoori Restaurant has a reputation for combining traditionalism with creativity. Established in the 1990s, this wonderful dining room has gone from strength to strength thanks to friendly, efficient service and simple, unobtrusive surroundings as well as that fine Nepalese cuisine. Ranging from rich and comforting to seriously fiery, the Nepalese Tandoori Restaurants menu is wide ranging and appealing. All dishes are made with great passion and care using high quality, natural ingredients and traditional, authentic spices. All food is freshly prepared on the premises daily using no additives or preservatives, just as it would be 4500 miles away in Kathmandu.

Venue name: Nepalese Tandoori
Address: 121 Uxbridge Road Shepherds Bush
W12 8NL
Price: £25 and under

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2.5 / 5

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Foodie Me

I went into this restaurant in one of the hottest days of this summer but thoroughly enjoyed the  food. I found the service quite pleasing and effective. Unfortunately, same cannot be said about the atmosphere. It was very hot and there was no AC and they need to work on flooring too. However, the food were priced quite reasonably ( after our online booking discount)


Well, what a disappointment! We sat down and ordered our drinks, they brought the beer that was already opened at the bar, I thought it was weird so I asked the waiter why they did that and he replied saying that it was how they served their drinks, I found it strange because my bottled sparkling water wasn’t opened. I assumed the open bottle service only applied to beers so we let this one pass. I realised that all customers were served with poppadoms and sauces but we weren’t. So I asked the couple sitting next to us if they had ordered it to which they replied that they hadn’t and that it was something the restaurant provided to all customers. Obviously not us! I asked the waiter who replied to me by saying that we wouldn’t get it unless we ordered it which was a complete lie. In fact, when I told him that it wasn’t the case and that the couple had told me that they haven’t asked for it, he took his word back and told me that it was only served if we had ordered curry; well, we had ordered curry and plenty more food and the couple sitting next to us, haven’t even looked at the menu when they were presented with poppadoms so once again, the waiter was lying. Finally, he agreed that the poppadoms would come. We waited for 10 minutes, nothing was on our table. Then I went to the kitchen and asked if they had issues with our table or if they had problems of us being there; he replied by saying that they had forgotten. So, from one lie to the other to then telling me that they had forgotten. Finally the poppadoms came, and a minute later, our food was served. Obviously, we didn’t have much of the poppadoms and continued eating our food. When the waiter came to collect our food, he was then surprised to see that the poppadoms haven’t been finished, and he made a big fuss of how we shouldn’t have asked for it in the first place. Excuse me but if you bring the bloody poppadoms a minute before my meal, how am I supposed to eat everything? It’s supposed to be something to wait on until the meal is served right? I was very angered with his attitude, I felt insulted and disrespected; it was clear the guy had a problem with us, perhaps it’s because we weren’t white or Asians, whatever the case, I felt my blood boil so I told him a piece of my mind. I am sure he wasn’t happy to hear it, but at least I got it off my chest. He was an arrogant man, with a stinking attitude. How dare he tell me what I shouldn’t eat or not? How I should eat it or not? Why am I not served the same way as the other customers? I am not one to play the colour game, but this felt like exactly that. It was my birthday so I didn’t want to get any more frustrated, but I will go back there again, and when I do, they better be nicer to me because I am not going back there for the food, or their service, but to make sure that they don’t behave like that again with any other customer. And I am ready to go any length to prove my point.