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Covent Garden

Part of a global chain of some 80 outlets (but with just three in London), this cheery restaurant clearly retains its modern Neapolitan roots – and its popularity. The paintwork and crockery are as bright as the smiles of the welcoming staff, while the mosaic-tiled pizza unit (complete with wood-fired oven) inspires confidence. This carries through, in part, to the swiftly supplied dishes.

Neapolitan flour makes for a nicely chewy pizza dough, charred and smoky, while the tomato sauce is zesty; handmade scialatielli pasta had intrinsic flavour and sound texture; air-freighted buffalo milk cheeses delighted with their freshness. Stray too far from Naples, though, and disappointment might ensue. On our ‘affettati’ plate, the caponatina from Sicily was barely more than chopped, bland tomato on toast; parma ham was young, crude and ill-flavoured.

Among the ices, buffalo milk ‘fior di latte’ was great, others less so. Prices aren’t too steep, but don’t quite carry the lapses. Nonetheless, the place was buzzing with Italians eager for a taste of home.

Venue name: Rossopomodoro
Address: 50-52 Monmouth Street
Opening hours: Meals served noon-11.30pm daily
Transport: Tube: Covent Garden tube
Price: Main courses £7-£14. Set lunch (noon-3pm Mon-Fri) £9.99 2 courses

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Some people really dont know what real neapolitan pizza should be like....... "Pizza was floppy, not cryspy......" The Pizza Napoletana IS floppy and thats how it should be! ...... "Food taste like it's made for americans, lots of fried food" ......... Silly me, neapolitans do not fry food....... ;) Please, please, please, if you like pizza hut or other american shitty places, do not go to Rossopomodoro and expect the same rubbish...... This is Pizza Napoletana at it's best: fresh ingredients, perfect dough, cooked in a wood fired oven, what more need i add? One of the best, if not the best, in London!


I have never left a restaurant so appalled at the service. I ate here a few years ago for a friend's birthday and the pizza was sublime, so I recommended it to a friend for his birthday. By about an hour into the meal, I felt ashamed for doing so. So- the waiters ignored our table for the first 25 minutes because two of the group were late. BUSINESS TIP 1: If your clients want to buy drinks, you should probably serve them as this can occasionally make you money. When they arrived, the fat bald man at the door told them: 'Your table is just next to the toilets. enjoy your meal'. TIP 2: Don't treat latecomers- no matter how much an inconvenience they've caused- like dirty outcasts. When our waiter eventually came to the table, rather than introducing himself, or dropping a friendly hello, he managed with impressive speed to shove a drinks menu *under each of our elbows*. He pinched me with the card, twice. TIP 3: Don't assault your customers with menus. TIP 4: Don't employ (rude) ninjas as waiters. They burnt the (different) bruschetta starters of 4 of our group. The meatballs were delicious and so was the calamari. But that wasn't exactly fair on the diners who had made the mistake of ordering bread. BUSINESS TIP 5: Don't let dragons toast your bread starters. The pizzas were pretty good, the 3 unlucky diners who picked pasta mains (against my advice) were sorely disappointed. TIP 6: Er, you're an Italian restaurant, not a pizzeria- sort it out. And finally, when it came to the bill, we ended up £25 over after the service (HAH!) charge. The waiter then *shouted* loudly in Italian at the birthday boy that we were £20 short. Luckily he is also Italian and explained that "short" and "excess" have different meanings. TIP 7: Don't shout at your customers, particularly on their birthday. Don't be such rude, ignorant morons. DINER TIP 1: Don't eat at Rosso Pomodoro Monmouth Street, unless you have dangerously low blood pressure and need somewhere to raise it.

Mia & Ian

We booked a table at Rossopomodoro in Covent Garden upon recommendation from a colleague. The restaurant was really busy (and quite noisy) but this didn't bother us too much as we were looking forward to the food! Whilst seated, the couple next to us returned their chicken/beef salads saying that there was little flavour to the dish, and that they could do better themselves. This put me off getting the salad. In the meantime, the table on the other side of us was returning a pizza to the kitchen. We ordered a olives followed by pizza and a pasta dish. Unfortunately we found that the food wan't that great. The olives seemed to have come straight from the jar, and were undressed. The thin crust pizza was sloppy (not crusty) and didn't have the choice of topping requested, and the pasta dish was bland, which led me conclude that it was not a very skilled kitchen, hence the reason I have come to write this, and the poor rating. Rossopomodoro need to up their game!!


Came to this place last saturday evening for the first time as i just moved to the area. I must say I have never been happier with a restaurant experience. The service was super friendly and attentive, the atmosphere buzzing and the food was delicious! My girlfriend and i shared the buffalo mozzarella starter and then shared a pizza! Never had pizza that good! Found my all time favourite place!

Emily Jo

Went here last Saturday with some friends who were visiting. Haven't been before but always looked quite lively and buzzing when walked past. From the minute we walked through the door it was an amazing atmosphere. They'd gone to town with the Halloween decorations, carved pumpkins everywhere, all the staff were dressed up, the (male) manager was even serving in 3 inch heels! All the staff seemed to really be enjoying themselves,and I think that speaks volumes as so often I have been to restaurants with really surly staff. Anyway, there was quite a bit of a wait for the food, but the place was really busy and we didn't mind too much, although if we'd had theatre tickets or somewhere to go, we might have brought it up, but as it was we were quite content with our drinks and soaking up the atmosphere. We didn't order any starters just went for pizzas (3 and one Calzone) I can't remember what mine was called, it began with a V but it was amazing, the cheese was so gooey, the dough perfect and it had truffle oil on it which I love. Everyone else loved their pizzas, and my friends Calzone was absolutely enormous. I really loved being able to see pizzas go into the oven too. Will definitely be going back!


Service is good - althou the meal isn't a traditional Italian meal, seams to cater for Americans... With it being deep fried in some cases. Only come here if you miss the food in the states. Very commercial, doesn't have that home cooked effect to it.


Had loads of good meals at this place. I've always found it to be great value for money and simply don't think there's a better pizza in town. Salad has also got much better recently too


Amazing food, great atmosphere and very good service - the best pizza restaurant in London!!!


It is the first time I manage to find a real authentic Italian restaurant in London, finally! The pizza was excellent, it was as good (if not even better) than those I usually eat in Italy. The service was perfect and the whole atmosphere very enjoyable. I had very pleasant evening. I would recommend it to all Italians who want to feel back home and to all those who want to try high quality Italian food for a very reasonable price!


Delicious food, super friendly staff, great enviroment. We had hot and cold starters which consisted of meat and fish, mains were salads and pasta dishes. Everything was presented very well and all the food was seasoned perfectly. The enviroment at the restaurant was lively and the team are very friendly and were always on hand. 10/10


Fantastic service, nice, laid-back atmosphere and a brilliant new menu. The asparagotta pizza and grilled vegetable salad were both delicious. Thoroughly enjoyed myself last night and will have no hesitations recommending the place.