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Ed Reeve

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  • Address:

    Shrimpy's The King's Cross Filling Station, Goods Way
    N1C 4UR

  • Venue phone:

    020 8880 6111

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  • Opening hours:

    Meals served 11am-10.30pm daily

  • Transport:

    Tube: King's Cross or St Pancras tube/rail

  • Price:

    Main courses £15-£20Meal for two with drinks and service: around £95.

  • Map

    1. Shrimpy's
      • The King's Cross Filling Station, Goods Way
        N1C 4UR
      • 020 8880 6111
      • 51.535193,-0.122983

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anna g

Enjoyed a meal for four at Shrimpy's. Beer on the terrace to begin was pleasant, the restauarant inside is small but funky. Went for the obligatory soft shell crab burger which was pretty good. Cocktails are fine, wine list quite good. Overall an enjoyable meal.

Stuart R

I don't get all the hate in the other reviews - it's pretty expensive for what it is, but on my visit the service was fantastic: there was a mix up in bookings (not their fault) but the manager was still able to fit us in (it turned out to be a very busy evening), and our waiter knew every detail and described enthusiastically each of the dishes we asked about.

The food was great, albeit not spectacular...personally I'd go back.

Victoria E

What a disaster of a place! Horrible service - manager's got an attitude. They failed to let us know they didn't have any beef that night. Also considering there is only 1 vegetarian main course available the options were very limited. 

We had already ordered drinks so decided to stay. Had soft shell crab burgers which was quite blunt and greasy.  The other main - fried chicken has not arrived after 20 minutes so we cancelled it.

They also mixed up our order and tried charging us for the item they got wrong. This is our local so we were really looking forward to checking it out. Not coming back.


This is the worst aspect of 'trendy' London. Food okay (but see below), bad service, and *horrifically* expensive. We ordered four burgers because they were the cheapest thing on the menu (£11) and were asked if we wanted fries with that (what bloody burger doesn't come with fries?). These were an extra £4, were not even handmade or salted, just the usual MacDonalds kind. Oh, then add on service charge which we were told we couldn't take off (??!!), far too loud music so no one could hear each other, and rude front of house staff. Ruined an evening which was meant to be a catchup with some old friends (who are arty types without much money, so the bill was even more embarrassing). I wish we hadn't been so English and smiled sweetly while we paid. Should have walked out. Thank goodness it's going in 2014 if the above is still true.

Richard and Davey and Families

the whole thing was diabolical! 5pm wet Sunday evening context but the list of absurdities ran to a novella! The signature dish was 'finished' (Shrimp-burger) ; the vegetarian dish 'ran out' and our table could not have the full order & had to choose something different! the side salads all had fish except one and 1 of our party could not eat fish, admittedly - her husband came to eat fish, so that was tolerable. The portion sizes were absurdly small for the price we paid; restaurant only seems to cater for people with no appetite! The burgers were small on small plate; we had to ask for salt & pepper and an extra plate for bones from our 3 sea-bream; 1 of the sea bream was undercooked but as this was a special meeting of 2 families we did not make a scene at this point. The wine tasted like a poor class house wine and we found that with service and VAT added it came in at £70 a bottle - in a restaurant with paper serviettes/ugliest of in-your-face serviette holders and like a roadside diner! Added to this was the bill - service not worth paying for was added at 12.5% only we did not want to make a scene; and at the end ADDED ON TOP of the menu charges was a surprise 20% VAT`!!!! IS THIS EVEN LEGAL to add it, at the end without it being mentioned clearly on the menu (perhaps the subdued lighting was too subdued for customers to see the small print, deliberately!?) Disappointing to find that not only did the £10.50 burgers, as listed on the menu, rise up to £13 with service and VAT but as they did not come with fries included, (the fries being £4 per portion) making a burger & fries just a little shy of an eye-watering £20 inc. service and VAT We ended going home extremely hungry after paying well over £400 for a party of 9; having only eaten 5 miniscule entrees, 2 soft cocktails, 1 soup, 4 small burgers & 3 fries, 2 slim vegetarian meals, 3 sea bream with sweetcorn, 1 bottle of mediocre wine, 3 skimpy deserts and 1 cup of coffee; Would not mind so much if the portions had been satisfying! This restaurant should be shut-down through people voting with their feet, to stay away!!! we were duped! Beware the total extra of add-ons is 32.5% over the menu prices and the bathrooms were dismally in disarray - and access to them damp and littered with discarded lengths of lavatory paper

Mike Burnham

The whole time spent at this place on a Sunday afternoon was like Fawlty Towers....the staff were painfully inept…..the food was mediocre at a stretch...


The food and initial service was good. However I have to agree with many previous comments I think it's overpriced. A slightly embarrassing event occurred when I went to pay for my friend and I. I had brought cash to pay and my cash was refused. First time that's ever happened. So disappointing service in the end.


Truly excellent service - all too rare in London. I ordered the fried chicken and was rather dissapointed with what arrived. The manager immediatly agreed to swap it for a soft shell crab buger (highly reccomended) and the burger arrived very swiftly. The really classy touch was that neither the fried chicked NOR the crab burger appeared on the bill. As if that wasnt enough the same manager then chased me down the street to return my i-phone I'd left on the table. Now that really is service.

Sarah Bateson

I had high hopes of Shrimpys, we'd been meaning to go for a while and the whole experience in the end was really disappointing. The food is ok, but nothing stunning. We all ordered differently to try a wide range of the menu and literally everything was mediocre. The steak was not good and overpriced, the soft shell crab burger overrated and under-seasoned, there are much better available, the fried chicken was ok, quite tasty, but nothing stunning. I have quite literally forgotten all the starters, the padron peppers as a snack was ok. The wine (if you can get it) is ok, not a great list. The cocktails are mediocre and overpriced, the cocktail list isn't the most inventive.But it's the service that really lets the place down. I waited 15 minutes for my cocktail, we'd finished the starters by the time the wine came, we didn't get a 2nd bottle of wine and had to actually get up and go to the bar to pick up our desert wine. The overall vibe is that the staff are too cool for skool - but you know what, they are actually not good enough to be cool. We took the service off it was so bad, I have never done this before. There are much better places to spend your money.


Had nice evening sitting at the bar. Enjoyed view into the kitchen. Very friendly and helpful staff. Softshell crab burger excellent. Good wine. Nice atmosphere.


awful! just awful! pretentious rubbish served my dunderheaded staff. I hope they go under so someone can do something positive with the commercial unit.


Pretentious. No atmosphere. Waitress didnt know anything about the food. No name outside, everyone who walked in started with 'is this Shrimpy's?' Seats and tables are mismatched in height, you would have your chin on the table if you are short. Decor doesnt seem to match menu..Vastly overpriced tasteless food. Its trying to be something..I can sort of see what..but its failing. Woudn't recommend.


Interesting use of the space and I wanted the experience to be good.....and apart from the food it is. Very forgettable USA/Mexican combos with little real flavour and poor cooking. When London is crying out for more Mexican food this is a huge fail at high prices.

Really Affluent Parents

The casual and fun place to be! EXCEPT if you have a CHILD... Booked a table for Sunday lunch 11.30am. All good until we asked for a high chair. Then we were informed it would be too noisy, no facilities blah blah blah... Good luck in this recession!


Didn't live up to what I expected. Only 1 type of beer, and the food was very over-priced, and generall pretty plain. For the amount it costs (starters = £8-9, mains = £15-20), it should either be better, or you should get more for your money (Monkfish dish was tiny, the crab burger was plain and comes with no sides). A few tweaks and this could be a good place though.


As this place gets such a good write up here, i thought i should warn people so they don't waste their £130 like I did. The location is weird...fine dining in an old petrol forecourt...but there are lots of weird things in London, so we won't judge on that. NIce view, but they make nothing of the open space. Service is excellent..very, if a little too attentive, well-informed, happy to help and recommend things. Interior considering the venue itself from the outside is really nice...white tablecloths, good quality silverwear and glasses, but no music on, which made it a bit uncomfortable and lacking in atmosphere. The main event of course should be the food. From the menu, the combinations sound heavenly, interesting, like Creole/Peruvian/North American cuisine....i expected soul food. Tuna Tostada was good, but really stupidly tiny, like 'small plate' tiny. Fried chicken had no soul at all, it was limp, not at all crispy and the polenta was tasteless, as it tends to be unless you really jazz it up. Bland skirt steak with even blander chimmichuri, standard fries.....note 'shoestring' and i expect what i got at Spuntino, not normal Mcd's fries. All in all, if it wasn't for a birthday, i think i'd have walked out. But it was, so i ate, and paid, and felt disappointed, and left. There are so many great places in London now, pop-up or not, even the great service couldn't save the meal.....


I went to Shrimpy's yesterday in the early evening after reserving a table around a week ago. The exterior of the restaurant looked cool and the menu I'd seen online was exciting. Sadly my terrible experience resulted in major disappointment. We were seated quite promptly however we were left for 30 minutes before I could get somebody's attention to order a drink and after I'd managed this it never arrived. It took the awkwardness of waving to a different waiter to finally get some service. By the time our starters arrived we had been in the restaurant for 1 hour and a quarter. No apologies were made by any of the staff. I understand that there are always teething problems when a restaurant first opens but this was unacctable, particularly when we saw a gentleman sit on he table next to us and watched who we can only assume to be the manager tell the waiter to 'look after him'. He was served promptly whilst we looked on starving. It was an uncomfortable dining experience and we felt as though we were imposing on the owners' personal dinner party. Many guests clearly knew staff and were dealt with quickly and kindly. My table and the one adjacent were left waiting for large parts of the evening. On the whole the food was average and was not worth the excessive wait or indeed the price. The atmosphere was terrible and bordered on awkward. I would certainly not recommend this restaurant to any person I actually liked.