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    Union Cafe 96 Marylebone Lane
    W1U 2QA

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Lovely layout. Spacious. Lovely kitchen and lighting. But was empty the whole time we were there! We arrived at 18:15 and left at 19:45 when the first reservation arrived. The music was a bit irritating. We were asked what we would like to drink. Our dining companion asked for a sparkling water and the waitress promptly left and brought everyone a sparkling water which I don't drink anyway. The Pork and Leek sausages were well cooked and enjoyable. The mash was the highlight-perfect Creamy consistency but the petit petit slightly dried out. The veal was cooked really well and superbly tender. A good choice. All went for the chocolate brownie and ice cream. It was a good serving a superb flavourful scoop of vanilla ice cream. The brownie had a warm chocolate sauce which was not too strong which made it thoroughly enjoyable. There is a good space to hang coats etc away from the dining area and the toilets and wash areas are very clean and spacious. A good venue if you want to be far from the madding crowd and away from loud families. Worth a second visit.