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    Arch 67
    General Eyewear The Stables Market
    Chalk Farm Road
    NW1 8AH

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    020 7428 0123

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    Daily 10am-6pm

  • Transport:

    Tube: Chalk Farm

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    1. General Eyewear
      • Arch 67
        The Stables Market
        Chalk Farm Road
        NW1 8AH
      • 020 7428 0123
      • 51.541935,-0.147344

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Ariana A

General eyewear offers a delightful shopping experience, with an extremely vast array of vintage glasses, and staff that are passionate about finding you the perfect pair of glasses, and more than willing to spend time suggesting different frames and offering their opinions. Make sure you do ask for staff assistance, they really do know what they’re talking about! You’re bound to leave a happy customer with a unique pair of glasses for a reasonable price. I’ve been recommending general eyewear ever since I went and wouldn’t think twice about where to go when I want to buy glasses again.

David M

I liked the sound of General Eyewear from a Time Out write-up and went to visit. Beware! Trying to find the shop in The Stables Market is like trying to find your way through a Moroccan soukh. But it's worth the effort. The shop has a gigantic selection of vintage frames and it's highly likely you'll find something for you. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the shop will put your prescription lenses in the frames all for a very reasonable price. Good service too and always some quirky movie soundtrack playing in the background. Recommended.

Amy G

This wonderfully enigmatic shop is charming as both a place and a store. Stepping inside surrounded by the beautifully created glasses frames, you feel as though you're inside an art gallery rather than a shop, and indeed each frame design is like a unique work of art in itself. The variety of vintage frames make picking a single pair difficult, but rest assured there is a design for everyone. The service is the most friendly and helpful you could ask for, as well as quick and professional. I would not shop anywhere else for glasses, in London or otherwise, and cannot recommend this place highly enough. Finding General Eyewear succeeds in making the mundane task of buying a new pair of glasses, a charming and exciting experience, one that I look forward to each time I find myself walking inside.


An incredible vintage eyewear shop tucked away in camden market. You could not ask for better service or quality, and you will be able to pick out a completely individual one of a kind pair of glasses here for less than what you would end up paying in a high street chain.

Can whole heartedly recommend. The only downside is you will face an incredibly difficult choice to find yours from the huge collection of beautiful frames on offer.

Adam G

I first heard about General Eyewear when quizzing a friend on his fascinating 1920's Parisian frames, and was not disappointed when I eventually paid them a visit myself.

This is no ordinary shop - It is an Aladdin’s cave of unusual and spectacular frames of various styles and periods from all around the world. Many of these frames have an extraordinary history, and the manager was extremely obliging in taking me around the showroom to reveal the stories behind individual frames. From start to finish the service was fantastic, with staff spending lots of time in making sure that I found frames to suit me, in the style that I was looking for.

The entire experience was hugely enjoyable, and I will be recommending this shop to anyone who requires glasses of any kind. On top of this, the space itself is beautiful (located in a Victorian railway arch), but be warned, with all of the interest around, you will spend much more time in there than anticipated!

Sophie O

General Eyeware have such a great selection of frames, loads of vintage frames, as well as contemporary designs, and their own brand that draws influence from their vast collection, and the option to have frames replicated, or custom made from your selection of materials and to your own design.

I love how they exhibit novelty frames they have collected over the years, there are some truly unique pieces that are no less than works of art in their own right. There was a beautiful piece that looked like veins of a leaf, and full-face visors, as well as comical ones with one or three eyes, a very entertaining and inspiring collection that are so fascinating I should hope they will belong to a museum one day.

They put some mirrored lenses in a pair of shades for me, and ever so kindly bent an old pair of frames to perfectly fit my face ever so comfortably. Such great service!

This shop is a real hidden gem! But don’t take my word for it check it out for your self. It’s in the depths of the labyrinth that is Camden’s Stables Market. Go around the back of the market through the entrance near Morrisons turn right and follow the perimeter wall around, this is by far the easiest way to locate your way to it.

Taren M

General Eyewear wasn't my first choice, but after a referral from a friend who has used them on a couple of occasions I'll be using them again. I had an old frame that I love broken underfoot which they repaired overnight, to be honest making them a more sturdy frame that was always a little loose. I found a great pair of frames for some new Varifocals too. Great range of frames, from the sublime to the classic practical. Recommended.

pk p

General Eyewear has one of the worlds most extensive selection of vintage eye ware in the world. I collect glasses and have been a customer for over 8 years, the selection the service and the price of a complete set of glasses is unbeatable.

What ever era or style your after I believe you will find them there and if you don't they make frames from either your existing pair of glasses or a style your after.

I highly recommend  any one who is either after a pair of sunglasses or prescription lenses to check it out as you will be hard to find a better shop anywhere .

lucy M

On a recent visit to general eyewear to get some sunglasses for both my husband and myself, we found the perfect pairs for both of us.The location can be a bit tricky to find but if you ask anyone in the market they will point you in the right direction. The selection of vintage frames is amazing, a little overwhelming but the staff are super helpful and point you in the right direction. A really great shop!!!

lucy M

On a recent visit to general eyewear to get some sunglasses for both my husband and myself, we found the perfect pairs for both of us.The location can be a bit tricky to find but if you ask anyone in the market they will point you in the right direction. The selection of vintage frames is amazing, a little overwhelming but the staff are super helpful and point you in the right direction. A really great shop!!!

Love this place, thousands of frames to try on and the manger Fabio knows them all well... I had been looking for a new pair of glasses for 4 years and finally found them here :)

Couldn't be happier!

Frida A

I'm absolutely looking forward to visit General Eyewear again next time I'll go to London. Not just a wonderful shopping experience, with kind helpful service and lots of fantastic vintage frames to search trough. Their own brand General Eyewear are something extra. The prices that are very affordable for such good design also includes single vision lenses.

My glasses were shipped to me in Stockholm just a few days after my return.

jeffrey s

Great shop  -  fantastic selection of interesting glasses and sunglasses. Lots of brilliant vintage pieces and very helpful staff, who helped find something to suit me and my friend. Good prices too - as prescription lenses are included in the price tag for the frames. Would highly recommed it.

Rachael J

The staff at General Eyewear were extremely helpful. I got exactly what I wanted and at an affordable price. Thank you, Rachael J. @ USA

James P

Located in London's famous Camden Town, General Eyewear offers an approach to optics rarely seen on a UK high street - in fact, you won't find an approach to optics on a UK high street quite like General Eyewear.

Although quite tricky to find, it's worth the effort. Inside you'll find a plethora of vintage-modern frames, in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures - you're sure to find something you agree with, which is rarely the case for myself when it comes to glasses.

As a discerning professional, who requires extreme optical clarity to uphold a medical for my job, I was extremely impressed with the range of lenses and options offered to me by General Eyewear. 

So don't visit your high street optician next time you're due a pair of glasses or sunglasses, give General Eyewear a visit and come away with something not every Tom, Richard and Harold own, and you'll be pleasantly surprised how easy on your wallet it is too.


Highly recommended. Anything but general! General eyewear is a great store in Camden stables, a bit hard to find but if you persist you will be rewarded! I really enjoyed my shopping experience there from the excellent customer service from Fabio to the huge selection of vintage frames. The lighting and classical music are great too. There is something for everyone and the best part is the uniqueness, you are very unlikely to see another person wearing a similar pair!


Best service, frames & prices! Recommended by a friend who regularly purchases her amazing specs from there. It totally lived up to my high expectations. After being told by another optician around the corner that only Johnny Depp could wear round glasses(..??), it was a nice surprise to find a store that stocked more than the average cutler and gross frame and had genuinely helpful staff. If like me it takes you a long time to track down the right frame, General Eyewear is the place to go. Fabio listened to everything I said and patiently waited whilst I tried on most of the frames. He gave really good suggestions and even told the occasional background story. And if that doesn't sum it up, my boyfriend - who doesn't even need glasses - purchased a pair of his own with a clear and a coloured lens option. We left with 3 pairs, says it all.


When I discovered General Eyewear in the maze of Camden Lock Market, I just wanted to see their amazing collection of vintage glasses and artistic eyewear. The store - almost a museum by itself - is one of the hidden sights of Camden and defintitely worth a visit. Being offered an excellent service by the lovely Astrid, it didn´t take me long to walk out with my "new" pair of glasses - fabricated in England in the 1940s.. I never liked wearing glasses. Now I do.

Nur Shireen Talib

Brilliant! Was taken down to Camden Town for a new pair of spectacles and found myself pleasantly surprised by the diverse selection of frames. There is just so much to look at, and I'm certain that they have something to suit just about everybody. Customer service was friendly; unlike the pretentious vibe you get in other eyewear shops, General Eyewear felt welcoming and pressure-free. The staff appear to have excellent taste and will gladly recommend a suitable pair if you ask. The frames + lenses pricing is extremely sensible. I'm tempted to return for another pair soon!


Best shopping experience ever! Fantastic selection of glasses and outstanding customer service! Me and my friend spent 2 hours in the store attentively served by super pro seller and glasses expert Fabio, who could tell you what glasses will suit you by a single look at your face. I would describe us as kind of annoying customers but Fabio was very patient and extremely helpful. I left the stall with rare vintage Giorgio Armani glasses from the eighties and even though I paid more than I intended to spend, I have4 no regrets. The experience and the product totally worth it. And this is a review from anti consumerist haha!


I stumbled across General Eyewear in The Stables Market quite by accident however I was instantly impressed by their range and the concept glasses on display. I decided to get a pair on the spot and the staff were extremely helpful and competent in facilitating this. When I said what I didn't like about a pair another pair was produced which I liked more and I only had to try on about 5 pairs before I found the perfect ones. Great value also as I didn't even realise at first that the lenses come included in the price!


Having just discovered General Eyewear a couple of weeks ago, I scuttled down to Camden to grab a pair of new glasses for myself last week. The problems I’ve always had with optical shops was the fact that there was always only a couple of frames I liked, or even only a couple that suited me. General eyewear defeats that by miles. Their selection is a cornucopia of everything I want. Their frames range from modest to outright eccentric, catering to a wide array of different people. One of the biggest shockers was the affordable price. I was accustomed to paying through my nose for a decent pair of glasses and was baffled how reasonably priced everything was. Also always a bonus, the lenses (prescription/sunglasses) are included in the frames price. Apart from their wide selection and reasonable prices, the customer service with brilliant. I was encouraged to look through the drawers and cabinets freely and try anything I wanted on, really providing a pressure free shopping environment. I really recommend anyone who wants an amazing pair of frames for an affordable price to pop down to General Eyewear.

Alexander Bones

I have been a regular customer at General Eyewear for the past three or 4 years, I have four pairs from them and I doubt very much they will be my last. The stock is exceptional, the knowledge of the stock in store is unimaginable and the service is second to none because of this. For those looking for sexy, sometimes pricey & sometimes not glasses - do not let the neighbours put you off getting there. It is ALWAYS worth it.