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Razors and Blades

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  • Address:

    Razors and Blades 80 Brixton Road
    SW9 6BH

  • Opening hours:

    Open Mon-Thur 9.30am-7.30pm. Fri-Sat 9.30am-9pm, Sun 10am-6pm.

  • Transport:

    Tube: Oval

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    1. Razors and Blades
      • 80 Brixton Road
        SW9 6BH
      • 51.478071,-0.112475

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4.4 / 5

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Great place! I appreciated that they were really up front about what they could and could not do for a woman like me with European hair - the basics (i.e. straight cut). Very straight, very chill, very nice - for 10 quid, I'll be back for sure.


To be honest I think that is a great barber shop. I highly recommend it if you ever need a fresh haircut. The service is phenomenal and I come here every time. Amazing Barber Shop to come to.


Great barber shop, come here every single time, every time i come here, i receive a great service and a fresh trim. I recommend this shop for a haircut if you ever need one.


Would recommend to friends/ Great customer service everytime. As a female I would say this shop offers both male & females who seek that cutting edge fresh urban look, Comfort and class.


First impressions - a great shop. It's nice to see this bright and colourful shop on this strip of Brixton Road. A clean, warm and well presented shop with friendly staff. Hassle free. £10 is a very good price for a cut and shave, especially in the festive seasons. Keep it up.


Possibly the best barber shop in South London. I was staying with a friend when I happened to walk across this place. Upon entering the branding felt consistent and the atmosphere pleasant. Clientele were from all walks of life, races, cultures etc. I never felt intimidated or out of place. After visiting many shops in the South, my expectations were not very high to begin with. However, the cut was even better than I had anticipated. For £10 you get a heck of a lot of attention to detail! This place is the game changer. Good atmosphere, great staff and a general good vibe. Cheers guys.


3rd time I've been to RnB now - always a good vibe, good service, great branding. Feels less like a barbers than your average shop - great atmosphere to chill whilst getting a hair cut. Big thumbs up from me. New regular.


I went to R&B in the first week that it was opened. I had never seen a barbers shop that makes you feel comfortable and offer so many facilities, such as free water, their own magazine and free Wi-Fi. The owner is very nice and friendly, I would recommend that anyone should give it a go as they won’t be disappointment. Onur


I work 5mins from the shop and discovered it when driving pass. I've recently cut my hair short so I've been looking for the right barbers for a little while now. A friend recommended Razors N Blades so I tried it out. Voila! It's lovely. What I like the most is that it's such a welcoming environment. As a women I can walk in and not feel like I will get harassed anytime soon. I've seen all types of people come through, old, young, black, white, it doesn't matter, it's such a diverse place. I actually live in North London but it's worth me travelling down for a cut. I went on a Friday once and saw they have a DJ playing inside. Amazing! Well done and keep up the good work!

Chantel Brown

I went to Razor and Blades for the first time a couple of months ago and ever since I have been a regular client. I love the deco of the place, it is far beyond what you would expect from and for a barbershop. It is spacious and surprisingly clean compared to other shops I've been to. The barbers were nice and friendly. They have their own magazine with a range of designs to choose from, just in case you are lost for ideas. The free sweets and branded water is a wonderful touch, and as a female I didn't feel out of place or uncomfortable. The only downer was that the toilet downstairs was cold and somewhat smelly but bearable again compared to other barbers out there. I was really impressed and I have recommended all my girlfriends and guy friends to go their.


On my usual commute to my office just off Brixton Road, I noticed the a bright new addition to the street, unlike any other barber i've seen let alone on brixton road or the surrounding areas, I made a note to get my next haircut there. So I did, upon entry I fell in love with the decor, the colours were inviting which created a comfortable atmosphere for me to wait in, the historic montage of heroes past on the wall, were also lovely to look at. The presence of the three large tvs serve up for adequate entertainment, but what really impressed me was the in house magazine that offered suggested hair styles as well as types for males to keep their hair healthy, you don't get that kind of service, atmosphere and experience in any barbershop i've been to. The barbers are also pleasant and polite, they make sure they ask you exactly for what you want as well as give an expert tip here and there, I really loved the service, my haircut was done in a speedy fashion and at the same time was 100% on point. The price was the same as the most shops, but the experience definitely wasn't. A must visit for anyone in London.


RnB is 5mins from where I work which is extremely convenient. My schedule can get packed and I rarely have the time to travel far for a cut but this place is perfect. I was lucky enough to catch the opening promo - one week of free hair cuts! Seriously....free cuts. Since then I've been sucked in. The environment is slick and stylish, you can feel completely comfortable while getting a trim. The multiple TV screens and free Wi-Fi is a major bonus. Dada is a wizard with a clipper! I can even bring kids here on the weekend without a worry. Top marks. Definitely recommended.


I was initially surprised this was a barbershop when I first went, it's really spacious so I thought it was a bar or a cafe. I went in and was served by Dada, was really impressed. He gave me a head massage, that was relaxing after a long day of work. I've recommended the place to a few colleagues and friends, it's a nice place to get a hair cut.


I went to Razors and Blades in the first weeks of it opening. It was FREE haircuts for all so I gave the shop a chance. It was a great decision. I was able to surf the net on my laptop while waiting, so I never noticed the time go by. I used to I go to one barber but when he went on holiday I went to one of the others and they was just as good. I do suggest to try and go during the week as your waiting time is greatly reduced. Take a iPad or device with you it maybe abut of a wait.


Driving past the shop as i normally do when coming back from work...I was initially attracted to the atmosphere of the shop and so i'd promised myself i would visit. When I eventually did, The barber closer to the door acknowledge me with an hello. I knew he was the barber as he was wearing a Tshirt that had the shop's branding on it. I sat down - with 4 people ahead of me, whilst waiting - i was offered the shop's own branded water, probably tap water, but the sheer fact that it had the shop's branding on it, i was really impressed as you rarely get this type of treatment in male barbershops. When my time came to get my cut, the barber who had initially greeted me - asked what i'd like and viola - presto - as requested. I'm now a regular there.


I needed a haircut during my 9 week stint in London and I had passed this barbers on the bus, with prices for adults stated to be £8 on the windos. It was my first and probably last visit to the shop. I went during the middle of the day on a Saturday. Expecting it to be very busy I was surprised when only three males were sat in the back corner and I was told I could have my hair cut straight away. There were two men, one being the barber and I am guessing the other was the shop owner. The shop owner never introduced himself and stood about a foot away from myself throughout the duration of my haircut, obviously monitoring the barbers progress but it made the experience quite uncomfortable. The whole time the two would speak in a different language to English, and the barber himself muttered a few responses in broken English to myself. The haircut in all fairness was exactly what i asked for, yet instead of taking the usual 10-15 minutes it does at home it took 45 minutes. Throughout this time, not a single person stepped through the door which cannot be a good sign. The men in the back corner stayed for the duration without getting haircuts which seemed quite strange, treating it more as a hangout place. After I had sat in the chair uneasily for the length of time, I went over to the till and asked the barber how much the haircut was. He responded £8 and I handed hum over a £10 pound note. He said he needed to get some change at which point he walked over to the shop owner. The shop owner spoke for the first time in English and said, 'it's £10'. I couldn't be bothered arguing but really should have questioned this seemingly new price. Although the haircut was what I asked for, the surroundings were uncomfortable and inventing prices at the end put me completely off the barbers. I would recommend others to go elsewhere.