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Fringe theatre in London

Find a hidden treasure with our guide to London's fringe theatre

The fringe is the lifeblood of London's theatre scene, a world of tiny, unsubsidised theatres that offers everything from revivals of rare musicals to the West End hits of tomorrow. Here’s Time Out’s guide, including fringe reviews, fringe listings and links to London’s key fringe theatres.


William w
William w tastemaker

Your Fringe theatre coverage is very poor. In anything, this is the section you need to be championing. Fringe is like the grass roots of theatre. Please do more.

Chris Lee
Chris Lee

Dogstar at the Tabard Theatre is a desperately funny serious play; not to be confused with a desperately serious funny play. Set in the old West in a saloon bar we have a deperado, we have the town beauty, the town villian and the man behind the bar. Greg Freeman's magical play pushes all kinds of boundaries. Part shaggy dog(star) story, part philosophical investigation, it asks what is purity, virginity and desire? The rough ethics of the west are beautifully captured in nuanced performances which bring pathos to classic western roles. The set is evocative and strange, you can smell the sweat and whiskey, and the whole thing is directed with a wonderfullly understated majesty by Ken McClymont. Unmissable.

alexandra richardson
alexandra richardson

I share Glenn Tyrell's regret in not having the full printed version of Tome Out. Indeed, I would estimate that our theatre and museum attendence has dropped by about 60-70 percent due wholly to the absence of the comprehensive magazine. Bring it back , please! Others share this view.

Glen Tyrell
Glen Tyrell

I purchased the print edition ofTime Out for many years because it gave a comprehensive list of all the plays (big and small), film and music that were on at a particular time on a particular evening. It only took a few minutes to run down all the listings and select a suitable shortlist. Armed with a sortlist I tried to buy tickets and if I did not get my first choice I usually got tickets for something on my shortlist that was very entertaining and often completly unknown to me when I started to process. By this means I discovered many small plays, theatres and music venues that I did not know by name. As a result I sang your praises to anyone who visited London and wanted a comprehensive acccount of what our wonderful city has to offer. Forgive me if I am wrong but your new format seems to favour big west end productions or productions you favour and make it very time consuming for me to make my own selection. This seems to me to be very unfair to new talent and will probably lead to the eventual demise of your own organ as punters like me are regretfully driven to go direct to the venues that they have found to be reliable in the past because they do not have the time to wade through all the extraneous guff that you now include on your very slow and turgid website. If I am wrong I would be grateful for an explantion as to how I quickly draw up a shortlist of theatre, film and music available at a particular time on a particular date from your current format? Glen Tyrell (g.tyrell@4newsquare.com)

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