Let It Be

West End


Prince of Wales Theatre

Until Sat Jan 19 2013

New_(l-r) Ian B. Garcia, John Brosnan, Michael Gagliano in LET IT BE.jpg

Ian B. Garcia, John Brosnan, Michael Gagliano

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Harry Clout

Excellent show. More of a concert than a musical but the cast were excellent, the staging fantastic and the intimate nature of the Savoy Theatre made the show come to life. The obvilous enjoyment the cast exhibit for the Beatles and their music was infectious and the entire audiance were dancing, clapping and singing along. Given the chance I'm sure that another hour or more of hits could easily have been played and it would not have dragged. For a two and a half hour show the time flew and I can only say Fab U Lous !!!


I did initially like it until I realised they weren't actually playing their guitars in some songs.. If your seats are in the first few rows you will see them strum about 2 - 3 inches away. Not good for a West End show.

mauricia stewart

I was a bit wary of taking my 18 yr old grandaughter.However ! she loved it and was bopping along with me. We went to the Jersey boys as well and she much prefered Let it be.I would have enjoyed more of the history but overall it was a good show.

Daniel Ivanier

Excellent show !!! Amazing and unexpected experience !!! For people our ages ( 60 plus ) it returned us to those gloriuos days of our youth. By closing our eyes we felt as in front of the real Beatles. Their similarity is amazing !!! And when opened our eyes saw all the people dancing and shouting at the alleys and between the seats just as then ..... We had a gorgeous time that didn't think it would be so. We hope that the young people from today would understand and love THAT MUSIC, OUR MUSIC !!! LET IT BE is the most perfect way for this to happen .

Dyveke Hals

Very good and charming! People were dancing and singing along. Really enjoyed it - especially after getting some earplugs from a man sitting behind me;-) Do they need to have the sound that loud?


Brilliant show. It is a bt different to what I expected but still very good. I thought that Let it be would be a musical with a story of the band or something like this. Maybe a musical like Mama mia with songs from Abba. Actually, it is "just" a live concert from the fab 4. I don't want to appear restrictive. It was a brilliant show. The musicians mimic the beatles with incredible talent both physically and musically. They master the music and really give the impression to be back in the 60's and 70's. The evolution of costumes and the look of the musicians is also very very good, especially for John Lennon. You could easily mix him up with real one. It's astonishing. If you were young when the real beatles came up, it will bring back good memories. If you were not born, it is a good way to have an idea of the live concerts your parents might have seen/heard. Maybe only some fervor less but not because of the quality of the show !


A rip-off. Puts the West End to shame. I left at the interval. (my star rating is O - couldn't work out how to indicate that ...)

Nancy Ortiz

It was absolutely amazing!! I really enjoy listening to these great musicians. Even when they played well-known songs, they also contributed and enriched them with their talent and personality. Something to improve is the air conditioned in the theather...it's boiling hot there.


I watched it on July 8th and it was pretty sweet!!!!! It deserves better reviews. Sure, it's not a typical musical that you would get in West End but the whole show was just brilliant!!! The actors look so much like the actual Beatles band members (especially John Lennon). This show is just amazing!!!!


Well, I saw the show on 19 July 2013 and thought it was brilliant! Maybe they read the negative reviews and improved in those areas. Paul and John were so much like the real thing, it was amazing! And the music was great. The auditions would have been so hard, trying to find look-alikes who could play and sing, let alone find a left-handed guitar player. The audience that night felt as excited as I did and I really felt it was value for money. Loved it!


rubbish and an insult to The Beatles! There are two casts one is slightly better in terms of look-alikes and sounding a little like the Beatles, but even they are a poor tribute band and struggle on the higher notes. The second cast while they sing in tune more are laughable, they sound nothing like the real Beatles, unless you are very drunk and John and Paul look more like Robson and Jerome. Both Paul's are right handed! and I have no idea where they hail from, but English certainly doesn't sound like either s native tongue. both have very poor diction, one of them looks and sounds more like Shakin Stevens! This isn't a West End show it is a travesty!


Show was great - excellent performance of excellent music; lots of fun. But BEWARE: the phone number listed above for the theater is NOT the theater phone number. It's a rip-off ticket agency that charged me £52 for a ticket I later found out the theater would have charged me £40 for. The guy in the next seat paid £35. Of course they hid this on the phone. How much does Time Out make from this FRAUD?