Sweet Bird of Youth

West End


Old Vic

Until Sat Aug 31 2013

  • © Manuel Harlan

    Seth Numrich and Kim Cattrall

© Manuel Harlan

Seth Numrich and Kim Cattrall

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Gus Crespo

I thought Kim Catrall's performance was excellent. Her mood swings, paranoid and fearful mind set were all very credible from a drug and alcohol abuser! She is definitely the highlight of this play. I thought this is not one of Tenesse Williams' best play, this production was long and some parts were disjunct, specially after the interval. Overall, a good night out, but "Cats on a hot tin roof" would still be my favourite TW's play

Isabella Stettler

I think Kim Catrall's performance was way over the top. Her histrionics and fluctuations in mood were not believable and tended to grate on one's nerves. Seth Numrich, on the other hand, nailed the character of Chance. He was more nuanced and believable. The other characters were on the whole well played. But Numrich ruled the day. The set was also well done but the music like Miss Catrall's performance was too in your face and disconcerting at times.


Kim Catrall is very good, quite dramatic, but very convincing in this role. The guy playing Chance is playing his part quite impressing, but there is abviously a lack of experience when compared to Kim. At this level, every play to see in London is highly entertaining. 3 hours that pass by really quickly...I enjoyed every minute of it.


Although the beginning of the play seems to drag a bit towards the end, I loved the production. The cast are brilliant, with Boss Findleys voice staying with you after the performance. I thought Kim Cattrall and Seth Numrich worked together brilliantly, they seem so comfortable around each other! I thoroughly enjoyed the play


I must say I completely agree with Mr Lukowski's review. The play was a bit too long, and at times I wasn't quite sure what I was really watching. Despite the premise that Kim Cattrall's character is the main female lead, she's not on stage for 1/3 of it, and the story gets rather muddled. Not her fault, of course. But I would say that it was Seth Numrich who was the star of the entire play, despite Chance and Alexandra's rather lacking chemistry.

jane fisher

i went to this play yesterday afternoon. It was amazingly good. The set is superb and the acting convincing and poignantly sad. The plot line has many similarities with the Great Gatsby in its exploration of the American dream. I think it will be a big hit and i urge you to see it.


I thought this was really good. The guy who plays Chance is excellent.