Vault Festival 2014: Bukowski's Cass



The Vaults

Until Sat Mar 8

'Bukowski's Cass'

'Bukowski's Cass'

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It is a dazzlingly beautiful, erotic yet humorous, self -harm opera, with generous sprinklings of poetic profanity - this piece need not be categorised but I must just say the exquisite music , the sonorous spoken words  and the electrifying performances soar together to form an achingly moving whole, which simply measures up to the Bukowski original , with grace and tears. Kitty Dalton as Cass, the ultimate doomed beauty, manages to entice you, make you laugh and tear your heart out, all at the same time. You watch the doomed couple with  horror and affection in equal measure, basking in their self- indulgences with secret pleasure, but ultimately feel sad to leave their Tracey Emin-esqe bedchamber and their liquor-soaked pulsating bar room because, you know in  your heart, it's all much greyer outside without them.