Matt Crockett
Savannah Stevenson and Emma Hatton in 'Wicked'
Apollo Victoria, Victoria Until Saturday April 30 2016
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Emma Hatton is currently starring as Elphaba and Savannah Stevenson as Glinda. See official website for current full cast list.

The film world continues its love affair with werewolves, vampires and all things 'Twilight'. But theatre types have always known witches are where it's at. In its sixth year at the Apollo Victoria, Oz prequel 'Wicked' continues to fill this massive theatre with an international crowd of voracious consumers (glass of champagne and a choccy for £16 anyone?). But this stylish and bombastic musical still delivers, sailing over its patchy score thanks to a gravity-defying performance from its current leading lady Rachel Tucker, as the intense green-skinned undergrad who goes on to become the Wicked Witch of the West.

'Wicked' is a circus that rises or falls around its central performance. In the midst of a gigantic production full of bangs, bells and whistles Tucker, with her small frame and searing vocal ability, simply flies off with the show.

She's closely followed by Gina Beck, who plays good girl, Glinda. Glinda and Elphaba's relationship forms the heart of this story and, as the Good Witch, Beck is a consummate clown, playing up the silliness of her character at every turn. But she can raise a tear, too, and her final duet with Tucker, 'For Good', is genuinely heart-rending.

The Tim Burton-inspired ensemble oscillate between the hypnotic and grotesque and a sweet but thin voiced Matt Willis charms as the rather superfluous Prince. As in classical ballet, this is all about the women and, even by previous lead Idina Menzel's standards, they are in soaring form here.

Venue name: Apollo Victoria
Address: Wilton Rd
Transport: Tube: Victoria
Event website: http://www.wickedthemusical.co.uk

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Theresa N

It was a great show and the music was spellbinding. The leading actresses had exceptional voices. A great night out!

Jerry C

Wicked is a fun and enjoyable show and the music is excellent. What we like about the whole experience is that now we understand the back story of the Wizard of Oz! Even though it is fantasy this play is like an “ah ha!“ moment. You learn about the relationships of all the characters in Wizard. We went on line and purchased tickets several months before we attended the play, I believe that is the best way to attend. By the way, they have a lot of nice items on sale in the foyer in case your children like souvenirs.

Sali C

I've seen over 30 musicals and so far this one is the best. Highly recommend it for anyone. Great show, music, actors, story line everything was so wonderful. Also very funny. 

I took the entire family (including grandparents) and no one was disappointed! Singing, dancing and performances were on the highest level.  It's a must if you haven't seen it yet!!

Charly L
Staff Writer

One of my favourite London musicals.  I've been 3 times over the years and love the fact that tickets in London are so much cheaper and easier to get than the equivalent in New York.  The music is unbelievably catchy!

Charly Lester - Time Out Head of Dating

Ann T

Exquisite costumes; well staged; sensational settings and lighting; marvellous acting and singing....extremely enjoyable...would recommend to all.

Susan  T

very noisy , great sets , very green , but very enjoyable !! kids loved it .

Sarah W

The performance and the staging war amazing. The music and songs itself didn't give me the creeps as in other musicals I've seen. But still, it was worth seeing!

Adam L


The staging is good and scenery. However the songs are very bland and forgettable. It's very American and slushy. I've seen better

Lea A

I have been waiting for years to see this and now I've finally moved to London, I'm getting my theatre on! This production is truly magical. I had THE biggest smile throughout the performance. I feel really lucky to have been able to watch Willemijn Verkaid and Savannah Stevenson perform together. What a fantastic casting combo! The singing was out of this world. So many 'goosebump' moments. The comedy was perfectly timed and the story itself blew me away. If you haven't seen this........ Go and see it!


The songs are fantastic, the stage was magnificent and it was captivating and enjoyable throughout. Thoroughly recommend.

Dan M

Excellent play! My wife and I loved it! I also think the prince is a terrible singer!

Steve  Diwell

this the first show i have taken my girlfriend to my first to i thought it was a very good show


Fantastic story line, brilliant songs,amazing performances by the cast. It all made a really enjoyable evening of entertainment. This show is a must see - the best musical I have seen so far.


This was my first musical and I brought my brother who is 14 years old along with me. I was worried that he would not understand as it is not the sort of thing he (nor I) is used to. Once it started, there was no turning back. The atmosphere was amazing, the actors and actresses were great, everything about it was breathtaking. I am so amazed by the quality of the performance, especially since they were singing live. I was almost convinced that the music was not played by a live band only to be proven wrong after the show when I went to check out the box where the band was playing. It was just one of the best things I have ever experienced in my life, so much so that I might just have caught the musical bug. One thing I loved the most was how the audience can acknowledge the crowd right after every performance so the performers can feel the appreciation right away, and deservedly so. I would definitely recommend this to everyone and anyone. It is worth every single pound that goes into the ticket price, hotel price and travelling price. It is just that good.

The  Man on the Street

Last night at Wicked, i was literally blown away by the new cast, especially the Dutch actress Willemijn Verkaik who is the only actress to have performed the role of Elphaba in three languages. She brings a real quikryness to the role and that voice - WOW. Savannah Stevenson is an excellent Glinda and Jeremy Taylor has those boyish looks to charm us all, no wonder Elphaba and Glinda both battle to win his affections. Lastly, Sue Kelvin is probably the best Madame Morrible I have ever seen. Wicked just happens to be a consistently popular show, and its great to hear the audience roar at the end of acts 1 and 2


I went with my whole family and we all enjoyed it very much. We thought it was all very well done and loved the characters and the singing.

Trish Bradley

Greaty show, fabulous costumes, great singing but somehow was not wowed by wicked... could be we were high up in the dress circle ... not great seats. We did not have a great view and could not really get into the charactors of the show ... shame really as was a family Christmas treat .

Chantelle Smith

Amazing musical, one of the best i have seen!. The singing is amazing and was a beautiful end to a great day spent in London. Would highly recommend it to anyone of any age!

STeven Green

Superb production values and an intriguing plot. The songs aren't that well-known though, so not one for a sing-a-long. Overall well worth seeing.

lynda austin

enjoyed the show immensely. Have seen many west end and broadway shows but this was one of the best. Time Out instructions to get there were spot on !


I took my daughter as a treat and she could not have been more excited! The show was amazing - not living in London we usually get to see touring versions of shows that don't have such elaborate sets so it was wonderful to see. Even though our seats were way up in the circle it was still a great view. We were lucky enough to be at the 3000th performance so had the added excitement of hundreds of balloons falling at the end. Only downside was that theatre let people into the building before the seating areas were open which resulted in quite a torturous crush inside. If we'd known the seating areas weren't open we'd have just wandered around Victoria for a while. 4 stars is due to that - not the show (5 stars!)


The postitives the 2 leads where excellent, but that's where it ended for me, sadly I really didn't enjoy the show at all, the storyline was really weak and wasn't what I was expecting, not much drama and excitement for me, thought there would of been more umph in the show, sorry wicked fans, but the show was not wicked for me, wild horses with free tickets couldn't drag me to see this again.


The production was amazing and the voices of both female leads marvel and contended against some of our biggest power house female vocalists in our country. I thought I got more value for my money than I expected. The background score, the writing, the comic timing, the heartfelt emotions for elphabur and the beautiful friendship between her and Glenda pulled at the heart strings. Such a great show for all the family my 7 year old daughters mesmerized face throughout the show made me full of content that I bought her to watch through show. BRAVO!

Toni Sottak

I was never a big fan of the Wizard of Oz until seeing Wicked. Wicked cleverly weaves a compelling tale that ties two stories together in an entertaining way that also makes you think. I've seen Wicked twice now and each time have enjoyed the fact that this is a show that gets everything right: it has a compelling story, interesting characters, a colorful set, and a wide range of music. "Defying Gravity", "Popluar" and "For Good" are particularly catchy. It is a great night out for families - especially in the Fall as we celebrate Halloween.

Neta Rosenzweig

Very impressive show! Loved the music and special effects, however my boyfriend and I found it too long (almost 3 hours) so we left during the break. In my opinion the show should not exceed an hour and a half, since it is difficult to concentrate longer than that.


Perhaps something was wrong the night we went? The plot intertwines cleverly with Wizard of Oz and there were moments when we thought it was going to take off, but it never did. The orchestra was good, the effects special (maybe too special) but the singing was by-and-large little better than OK. Some of the duets were particularly weak.

Julie Safta

My son and I go to the theatre often and this is the only musical we have ever wanted to go back to see again. I was worried that I wouldn't enjoy it as much this time around, but I needn't have feared; the acting was superb, the staging elaborate, the songs catchy, the singing astounding and the storyline dramatic, sad, comical and happy all rolled into one. I would highly recommend Wicked to all theatre lovers and guarantee you will come away feeling uplifted!

klara cort

It was a great night out and my first ever West End show in London on a cold February day....absolutely worth the visit!

Pamela Sheldon

We saw this in 2007 and have been waiting 6 years to get back and see it again. DID NOT DISAPPOINT! We loved it!

Edward Franklin

Gregory Maguire's 'Wicked' is a richly political, inquisitive and funny novel. Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman's musical adaptation is a very tuneful musical. One sort of wonders whether a more faithful adaptation might have had something more interesting, complex and profound to say - not because the musical's message that one oughtn't to judge a book by it's cover isn't a completely valid message, but because the source material from which the show derives says so much more than that. As it is, Schwartz has crafted a solid family music which - under the direction of Joe Mantello - balances quality and spectacle with mostly admirable aplomb. There's still a strong political undercurrent as well, with the machinations of PR monster Madam Morrible and the Wizard's violent persecution of minority groups and rebels striking a chord with various contemporary contexts. Don't expect to come out with an altered world-view, but if you're looking for something suited to all the family, Wicked can definitely go on your short-list.

Chris Burris

We were blown away. Fabulous show, great story line, and the wicked witch can sing her butt off. Be sure and have dinner at the little italian bistro across the street from the east entrance.

Idil Kilic

Wicked was ABSOLUTELY wicked! It was an excellent performance by all of the cast, my favourite part of the show was when GAAA-Linda and "Elphi" were singing 'Defying Gravity'. The props were amazing, and the storyline was very cleverly put together!!! On another note, the seats at the Apollo Theatre were really comfortable. I was practically sitting in the clouds (cheapest tickets), but I still was able to enjoy the show!!!! I would definitely go again and I would recommend this show to absolutely anyone!!!

Amisha Mehta

Truely mesmorising! Definately recommended and any seat selected allows a clear view and even right at the back, it appears as though you will still see everything well.

Maxim Khramtsov

Great performance! Amazing scenario which mirrors kids tale about Wizard of OZ but frm other angle. Just brilliant and amuzing. Good songs and singers, except the main Man role, who was worse then ladies.


This show is very glitzy, the costumes are bright and colourful and the cast is very energetic, but I'm afraid our party did not enjoy it. Except for 1 song, the music and lyrics are quite forgettable, so the show is immediately at a disadvantage to all the other great London musicals. While the lead in the role of Glinda no doubt tried her hardest, we found it difficult to warm to her as a character and did not enjoy listening to her voice. By contrast, Elphaba's voice was beautiful, but the whole story-line is very thin and is spun out far beyond its natural length. I wouldn't recommend this show to anyone.

Michelle Green

This show was amazing!! A super cast, staging, set, singing and story. I would and have fully recommended this show to everyone!!


This is a show for everyone! There are humor, great music, fantastic costumes and a wonderful stage. And the preformers did a wonderful job. I'll recomend Wicked to all of you who loves a good musical!


What an amazing show! Before it, I had never considered the story behind the "Witches of Oz". The costume and scenery were possibly the best I've seen in any show (helps that my favourite colour is green!!). I thought Elphaba was absolutely phenomenal - her voice was beautiful! The music is still stuck in my head and to me that is the telling of a great show! I urge you to see it!

Elisabet Brundin

Very good show, good story, fabulous costumes and excellent singers - BUT the sound quality was horrible. We were sitting on good spots in the circle, and the sound level was both unbalanced and overpowering. We actually had to cover our ears now and then to endure. Whomever tested how the sound projects in different parts of the auditorium either didn´t test the circle (unlikely) or had impared hearing (much more likely unfortunately). A pity on an otherwise very enjoyable show!


The production was amazing, totally amazing. The costumes, the music, the decor, the actors, the everything!!! It was perfect. BUT, there was something that put a gigantic stain on the evening. The pre-theater dinner reservation that we made with time-out. Being tourists, we didn't know that prezzo's was a chain restaurant situated in a derelict shopping center , but that aside. It was just atrocious, you aren't given the actual menu but a severely limited choice of starter and main, It was basically the lunch set but at twice the price. You're not treated well by the staff and you're choices are like garlic bread, pizza margarita, ... the very basics. (and it wasn't particularly nice to eat either). This fact wasn't mentioned on Time-out or on the Prezzo website. This really almost ruined the whole evening, but thankfully the show made up for that crappy experience.


absoutely amazing show, deserves much more than the 3 star rating time out has given it, amazing songs, amazing actresses/actors, amazing acting, amazing costumes, amazing special effects, amazing music- just everything, absolutely AMAZING! highly recommended :-)


I haven't been to see a musical for 10 years (the dreadful Bombay Dreams is to blame for this hiatus). This production flew by, was a pleasure to watch and the set, stage design and scene changes are worth the ticket alone. I'm not in a position to judge the songs after my long period out of the musical game, but they ticked all the boxes for entertainment and maintaining momentum. I left the venue feeling decidedly happier than when I went in - you can't ask for much more than that.

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