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Elvis at The O2

Get ready to be all shook up, London, because we're getting a taste of Graceland in this exhibition of more than 300 artefacts, some of which have never previously been exhibited outside Memphis.

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The O2 Until Monday August 31 2015

The Beginnings of that Freedome

This large-scale exhibition of banners in the medieval Westminster Hall commemorates 800 years of history. The 18 themes within the work take in the most significant movements and moments that have formed the rights and representation of modern day society.

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Westminster Hall Monday February 2 2015 - Saturday November 21 2015

The Institute of Sexology

The Wellcome Collection's newly expanded gallery space will open with a wink and a blush with The Institute of Sexology, an exhibition that brings together the great pioneers of the study of sex. More than 200 pieces of art, erotica, photography and ethnography will help visitors get a new perspective on perversions, lust and normality, with live events, discussions and performances to accompany the X-rated exhibits.

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Wellcome Collection Until Sunday September 20 2015 Free

The Department of Repair

We don't do a lot of mending in the modern world. If the job needs anything more than a tube of superglue then we're off to Argos to buy a new one instead. This exhibition will explore the identity and potential of 'repair' through a website, publication and workshops with visiting designers and makers (Jan 12-30) who will demonstrate and teach repair skills.

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Camberwell Space Monday February 2 2015 - Friday February 20 2015 Free

Rethinking the Urban Landscape

For all that we're fond of our looming buildings and hectic bus lanes, we'd definitely vote for more open spaces in London if there were a way to squeeze them in. This exhibition looks at how landscape architecture can help provide solutions to urban issues such as flooding and public health, showcasing contemporary UK projects from the Olympic Park to community allotments.

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The Building Centre Monday February 2 2015 - Tuesday February 10 2015 Free


In 1931, Shostakovich’s ballet 'Bolt' was banned by the Soviet authorities after its premiere. Featuring real hammers and machines, the experimental industrial production is now brought to life in this vibrant exhibition, organised in collaboration with the St Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music. The ballet's characters including the Komosomol Girl and the Drunkard can be re-envisioned through the original set designs and costumes.

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GRAD: Gallery For Russian Arts And Design Until Saturday February 28 2015 Free

Drawn by Light: The Royal Photographic Society Collection

A biggish chunk of this show of works from the Royal Photographic Society’s collection is so astounding because it is the product of artists-turned-scientists, scientists-turned-artists, self-taught geniuses and pioneering visionaries who had more in common with brave/naïve Victorian explorers than with modern ideas of what a photographer might be, or do.

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Science Museum Until Sunday March 1 2015

Maps of Persia 1477-1925

Persia – now known as Iran – has been mapped extensively for centuries, and this exhibition of urban plans, topographic maps and sea charts shows how significantly cartography has advanced since the fifteenth century. The general printed maps and more specialist items often display as much skill in their artistry and design as the mapping itself.

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Brunei Gallery Tuesday February 3 2015 - Saturday March 21 2015 Free

Sir Jacob Epstein: Babies and Bloomsbury

The artist was often inspired by babies and children, and this exhibition brings together the bronzes and drawings which resulted from that interest. It also tells the story of Epstein's complicated domestic life, and looks at the Foundling Hospital's role as a part of his local influences.

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Foundling Museum Until Sunday May 10 2015

Blue and White: British Printed Ceramics

Spanning objects from the 1750s  to the present day, this exhibition takes a closer look at the iconic blue and white ceramics that have become something of a phenomenon with us Brits. A varied collection of designs and decorated pieces reflects changes within British society and culture, and explores the fascination the style holds for consumers as well as potters and artists.

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V&A Until Sunday January 3 2016 Free
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Lisa Hassell
Lisa Hassell

Inkygoodness presents Beermat Characters at The Coningsby Gallery, 29th April - 4th May Beermat Characters is the latest project by Inkygoodness, inviting illustrators, artists & character designers to transform a beer mat (coaster) into a character. Showcasing the talents of over 80 artists & illustrators tasked with the challenge to transform a simple beermat into a character, our latest project will launch on Tue 30th April 2013 at the Coningsby Gallery in central London, with music, plenty of drinks on offer and a great atmosphere guaranteed! Expect a diverse selection of artworks from handmade to digital, felt plush, paper-cut outs, inked & painted, 3D sculptures & much much more!