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Designs of the Year

Awesome architecture, futuristic fashion, fun furniture, groovy graphics: all these and more are celebrated in the Design Museum’s annual Designs of the Year awards and accompanying exhibition. As the museum likes to boast, someday this stuff is going to be on display in other museums. We never miss this show. Every iteration turns up products that are life-saving, lovely to look at or just so clever you really, really wish they’d been your idea.

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Design Museum Until Sunday August 16 2015

Strange Creatures: The Art of Unknown Animals

When intrepid explorers set out on international adventures and discovered animal species which were completely alien to their society, the only way of explaining them to the wider world was through art and description. This exhibition brings together a range of animal representations including Europe's first image of an Australian animal, medieval accounts of exotic creatures and cutting-edge reconstructions of dinosaurs.

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Grant Museum of Zoology Until Saturday June 27 2015 Free

Powerful Posters: Tennis and Advertising, 1893-2015

Celebrating tennis culture, fashion and traditions throughout history, this exhibition brings together posters dating from 1893 to the present. One of the major highlights will be the white dress from the 1970s Athena 'Tennis Girl' poster which was first featured on the 1977 calendar before making its way onto the iconic poster which sold more than two million copies world wide.

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Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum Until Sunday February 21 2016

Homes of the Homeless: Seeking Shelter in Victorian London

Victorian London wasn't all top hats, horsedrawn carriages and comfortable, dolls-house style homes. A huge number of Londoners struggled to keep a roof over their heads. Using paintings, photographs, objects and stories collected from personal accounts and diaries, this exhibition tells the story of less lucky Victorian London.

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Geffrye Museum Tuesday March 31 2015 - Sunday July 12 2015

Death Under Glass: Histology Art

Find out what you're made of at this exhibition of photomicrographs, documenting the vivid colours and cellular and sub-cellular morphology of human tissue.The exhibition is co-curated by Marianne Hamel a forensic pathologist, and Nikki Johnson, a forensic photographer and aims to let visitors discover more about the role of forensic histology which is rarely depicted on the TV shows we're hooked on as a nation.

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Barts Pathology Museum Thursday April 2 2015 - Wednesday April 22 2015

Cravings: Can Your Food Control You?

What's going on when you find yourself longing for a cheeseburger or feeling an irresistible urge to eat chocolate cake? That's the question this new exhibition at the Science Museum is asking. 

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Science Museum Until Friday January 1 2016 Free

History is Now

Uncannily familiar and disconcertingly strange, this show is like a distorting fairground mirror held up to our fair isle. With the general election just a few months away and ideas of ‘Britishness’ a major part of the political bunfight, seven artists have been asked to look at aspects of our history from the end of WWII to now.

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Hayward Gallery Until Sunday April 26 2015

Staying Power: Photographs of Black British Experience, 1950s-1990s

This new display at the V&A showcases a variety of photographic responses to black British experience. Pieces range from Yinka Shonibare's large-scale series, 'Diary of a Victorian Dandy', to JD Okhai Ojeikere's black and white studies of elaborate head ties worn by Nigerian women.

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V&A Until Sunday May 24 2015 Free

The Syngenta Photography Award Exhibition

Aiming to stimulate global discussion through thought provoking photographic responses to worldwide issues, the second edition of this annual photography prize focuses on 'Scarcity-Waste'. Showcasing over 40 photographers including six of the professional commission and open competition finalists, a subject most of us would like to ignore is captured in striking ways.

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Somerset House Until Friday April 10 2015 Free

Taxidermy Is Dead (Long Live Taxidermy)

This March the Horniman Museum unveils a new Historic Natural History Gallery featuring new displays and a bigger selection of its stored collection. At its entrance is a new exhibition space, and Polly Morgan's 'Taxidermy is Dead (Long Live Taxidermy)' will be the first to fill it. Morgan hopes to prove that taxidermy is not a 'dying art', and her work, which only uses animals that have died naturally or accidentally, features preserved creatures in extraordinary poses and artistic freeze frames.

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Horniman Museum Until Sunday June 7 2015 Free
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Lisa Hassell
Lisa Hassell

Inkygoodness presents Beermat Characters at The Coningsby Gallery, 29th April - 4th May Beermat Characters is the latest project by Inkygoodness, inviting illustrators, artists & character designers to transform a beer mat (coaster) into a character. Showcasing the talents of over 80 artists & illustrators tasked with the challenge to transform a simple beermat into a character, our latest project will launch on Tue 30th April 2013 at the Coningsby Gallery in central London, with music, plenty of drinks on offer and a great atmosphere guaranteed! Expect a diverse selection of artworks from handmade to digital, felt plush, paper-cut outs, inked & painted, 3D sculptures & much much more!