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Wed Aug 21, 10-10.30pm, BBC3



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Series one, episode two
‘The people you are about to see are real. Their passions and jobs are genuine, but some scenes have been enhanced for your entertainment.’ So reads the text that introduces ‘Boom Town’ – a break from the structured reality formula that sees a cast of real-lifers playing it for laughs, not just for soapy cliffhangers.

Which sounds intriguing, all the way until the opening title sequence when the bubble promptly bursts. The snapshots of recurring characters, the construct of a fake town… it’s ‘Little Britain’ with real people. Worryingly, they've been given strange suffixes too. Get ready to meet ‘Garth – Life Coach’, ‘Louis – The Stripper’ and ‘Kev – The Witch’. What's off-putting is the high number of ‘eccentrics’ (BBC3’s words) where the ‘laughs’ derive from their lack of English. A whole sketch featuring Donata (a middle-aged wannabe actress) hinges on her immigrant twang, while the same laughs are gleaned from ‘Talina – The Temptress’ (another ancient eastern European stereotype brought to life ).

The real scoop here though, is that, like the plankton that turn up on the first-round of ‘X-Factor’ to get laughed at on film, these people know the score and are still somehow comfortable with the idea of young kids laughing at their deeply unfunny and staged exploits for six half-hour episodes. Hard to tell who’s sadder – the participants for signing up to it or the Beeb for commissioning it.

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Atonu Pal
Atonu Pal

This is regarding BBC Three serial Boom Town. I am Atonu Pal and my wife is Dorota Lopatynska-de-Slepowron. We both are in Boom Town. We have several comments to make. The producer is out of touch. The golden rule is to make the first episode the most attractive because first impression is the key to success and to sustain public interest. Most sadly, the first episode was awful because of tasteless vulgarism, obscenity and other crude scenes which were unnecessary to make it a comedy. The result was disastrous because both the press and public lost interest in the following episodes. Regarding our contribution to the series, we were never told that it would be a comedy. Had the producers told us that it would be a comedy serial, then we could have written one script with multiple episodes, with elements of comedy, drama, and suspense to keep the audience interest sustained so that people can’t afford to watch the next episodes to find out what will happen next? Instead, we were told to showcase numerous emotions and we wrote multiple scripts for each emotion and the producer had a problem to fit them all in this comedy Boom Town. How could a grief scene contribute to any comedy? Moreover, they truncated our scripts damaging the impact of the script and our acting. We were shocked to see several episodes where they tried to make Boom Town a comedy at our cost. Boom Town used unprofessional and unethical tactics to make us look ridiculous and silly to make people laugh. Both camera and lighting was sub standard. Dorota was over-exposed and I was out of the camera in many scenes. In the Vampire scene they used my awkward moment of handling the Dracula teeth, in the Dirty Dancing scene they showed when our dancing was interrupted because of their faulty CD, they used all other possible awkward moments during rehearsals - in short, we were not aware that they were using our private talks, rehearsals and other mistakes to make us look awkward to make it a comedy. This is unprofessionalism and this is cheap, bad taste and a crude way to turn sincere acting into pieces. I wrote the whole script for each scene in Boom Town. But they purposely made us look funny by not giving the whole context of the scripts and by using the worst moments to put us in bad light. We were directors, actors and script writers. We had no idea how we were acting because we were never shown the filming. Dorota has many talents including painting and singing. If you are interested, you can interview us and you can see Dorota’s personal site at Kind regards Dr Atonu Pal, PhD


Shouldn't have even been put on tv absolute rubbish.... Get it offfffff


Saw AN EpisodeThe Other Day, Most Of Its Clearly Staged, And The Worrying Thing Is Of They're Real Some Of Them Clearly Have Mental Issues. Surely There's Got To Be A Limit To Cheap laughs

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