Under the Dome

Mon Aug 19, 10-10.55pm, C5



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<strong>Rating: </strong>3/5

Series one, episode one
We’re in small-town Americanaville. The town mayor, Big Jim, is drinking coffee in the old-time Sweetbriar Rose diner; a young good-looking couple are having sex in the boy’s room; the sheriff is having a nap in one of the his jail cells; and a gay couple drive through town with their daughter en route to camp.

Of course, not all is as it seems: one of the young couple is a psychopath. A man is burying a body in the woods. The camp the daughter is en route to is for addicts. And a journalist is called by a nosy neighbour who’s noticed an unusual stockpiling of propane… and then, WHAM! Something so unexpected, and weird, happens, and it’s so well done, that it elicits a ‘whoop’ of shock and disbelief.

To say more would be to give too much away – though that title is a fairly big clue, and Stephen King’s involvement another. Suffice it to say that this is enjoyable, accessible American sci-fi drama of the best kind, a ‘Tale of the Unexpected’ with a liberal dash of ‘The Twilight Zone’. ‘Lost’ and ‘The Walking Dead’, it ain’t; on first sight, it lacks those series’ nuances and dark corners, but it’s a lot of fun nonetheless. Grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy.

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