Haunted places in LA: Get spooked at 13 real haunted spots

From ghost sightings to strange noises, check out these 13 haunted places in LA for real scares this Halloween.



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  • Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

    Griffith Park

  • Photograph: Courtesy Del Monte Speakeasy

    Del Monte Speakeasy

  • Photograph: Courtesy Food and Drug Administration

    The Iron Lung ward at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital

  • Photograph: Randall Michelson

    Pantages Theatre

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    Hollywood Sign

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    Colorado Street Bridge

  • Photograph: Courtesy The Queen Mary

    The Queen Mary

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Griffith Park

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The Culver Studios

The studio complex where such legendary Tinseltown films as Gone with the Wind and Raging Bull were filmed was built in 1918 by silent movie pioneer Thomas Ince. Ince died in 1924, after falling ill on newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst’s yacht during a star-studded cruise and dinner, celebrating Ince’s 42nd birthday. While the official cause of death was listed as heart failure, legend has it that Ince was actually shot and killed by a jealous Hearst, who was supposedly aiming at (and missed) Charlie Chaplin, who had eyes for Hearst’s mistress Marion Davies. Some say Ince’s ghost still shows up for work at his beloved former studio, and can be seen and heard walking through walls and criticizing management.


Vogue Theatre

The famously haunted theater opened in 1936 and is now home to the oversized, DJ-blaring Supperclub. For years, rumors abounded that the spot was previously home to an elementary school that burned down to the ground in 1901, killing 25 school children and their beloved teacher, “Miss Elizabeth,” who allegedly still haunts the theater. “I’ve talked to the current owners and we know it’s a haunted place but at this point we are unsure about what stories are true and which ones are fabricated,” Carradine says. “Apparently there was never a schoolhouse in that location and before it was a theater it was a shop.” The most famous ghost? A projectionist named Fritz, who worked at the theater for 40 years and died of a heart attack in the projection room in the ’80s.


The Del Monte Speakeasy

This basement bar, below the Townhouse restaurant in Venice, was a true speakeasy during Prohibition. Back in the day, the speakeasy kept the hooch flowing via underground tunnels, which are now used as utility corridors. Some say former proprietor Frank Bennett, who owned the bar from 1972 until his passing in 2003, still haunts his favorite corner booth, across from the bar. “Venice was a real crazy place historically, in terms of alcohol and bars, especially during Prohibition,” Carradine says of the area. “This bar is a weird anomaly, it’s one of the oldest bars in LA with one of the newest ghosts,” he says about Bennett, who still watches over his beloved underground watering hole.



This gorgeous Japanese restaurant at the top of Sycamore Avenue in Hollywood features sweeping views of the LA cityscape—the perfect vantage point for resting souls. Pull up a barstool next to the phantom of a former bartender who has been spotted around the bar. The restaurant also serves as the perfect backdrop for events and weddings, if you don’t mind a little company in the bridal suite. “There have been sounds of a crying bride; and a woman in white has been seen up there,” Carradine says. Legend has it that the ashes of former property owner, Thomas O. Glover, are buried in the inner garden courtyard and that he still watches over his property. Rumors abound about silhouettes of a man and woman seen strolling the family-owned property and the unexplainable sounds of crashing plates (and you thought that was just a clumsy waiter).


Queen Mary

Sure, they milk the spook factor for all it’s worth every Halloween, but the Queen Mary in Long Beach is certifiably haunted according to the countless visitors who claim to hear voices and rattling chains during tours and overnight stays. The Queen Mary certainly has a past that’s ripe for modern-day hauntings. She started life as a luxury liner, setting forth on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, in 1937, and hosting everyone from Bob Hope to Winston Churchill. But when WWII began, the Queen Mary was drafted into service as a ferry ship, carrying thousands of troops into battle areas. The fancy lady was stripped of her chic facade, painted a camo grey and dubbed the “Grey Ghost.” After years of service in war, and at her majesty’s whim, the Queen Mary was eventually sold to a tour operator and sent to retirement in Long Beach, where she’s been a floating hotel and event spot since 1967. According to the late psychic and ghost hunter, Peter James, who led tours around the Queen Mary, almost all areas of the ship including the second class pool deck and engine room 13 are known to be haunted.

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Katisen Marks
Katisen Marks

I had once been haunted buy this wicked old witch. ever since i was a littl egirl she just won't stop messing with me. Every night when i try to go to sleep she always spooking me around, i always end sleeping with my parents. i never forget that day. She still creeps me out when i talk about her.

Mark Beaver
Mark Beaver

Lots of friends that have worked at the Hollywood Athletic Club have many stories about weird things going on in that place.


wooooow soo many haunted places... Now i konw what to avoid.

Nichole Deweesm
Nichole Deweesm

Ive been to the rancho los amigos Hospital aka hollydale mental hospital,several times.Its located on Gardendale ave.and garfield st.in the city of Downey,ca Ive been inside every bldg.including a few bungelows on the outside. Ive never personally experianced any spirits,just feels really eerie.Some parts are burned out.And other parts,the roof is missing.All of it is rubbish now.I saw the old nurses stations and refridgerators where they kept the medicine.More interesting,I found the medical records dept.where theres was paperwork and patient files,I did my own investigation while reviewing the files and figured out that whoever the represenitive was handling the signing of the documents was actually stealing money from the patients annuities as well as any open accounts they had.Im guessing with all the drugs these patients were on,it must have been easy for her to have them sign away their assets.I also found out that the reason it was shut down,was because the nurses were abuseing the patients and the patients were commiting suicide and killing eachother.The rest were transferred out.I have no doubt that the place has some torchered souls.I heard bangs and sounds while there,that was enough to send me out running scared.I never did find the basement,where some say the demonic spirits exsist.In the daytime,its pretty easy to sneak in.Just dont get caught.The police acadamy was stationed there some years ago,but they left,because they were experiancing things.I tried to sneak my cousin in one night a during that time and we got chased out by a patrol car,he clearly looked freaked out and pale like he saw something.If you want a good thrill,this is definatly the place.And let me know if u find the basement.Goodluck ghosthunting.


My brother and nephew went in side rancho los amigos i was going but chicken out me and my sister in law waited in the car while they were looking inside but ended up seeing. Nothing but old files every were they said and dark of course pluse they said it had a bad smell to it they almost got caught by a police officer they said supposedly they were jogging and the cop said with boots and dark clothing so finally they let them go that was it.

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