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This pretty, upscale former bohemia is the soul of downtown.

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116 West 11 Street. Grades K--5.
What's special: Active parents & warm community in a well-run building in Greenwich Village.
Downside: The school's popularity means that there is not room for everyone who wants to attend.
Reading scores:3 stars
Math scores:4 stars
Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, P.S. 41 is a highly desirable school in a prosperous neighborhood - one that serves the children of artists, entertainers, NYU professors, and other professionals. It benefits from a stable staff and active parents who work hard to support the school. In recent years the school has become so popular that its space has become somewhat cramped. PS 41 is a bit more traditional in tone and conduct than its neighbor, PS 3, with which it shares a zone, stretching from SoHo to Chelsea. Read the full review from Insideschools.org
320 West 21 Street. Grades K--5.
What's special: An indoor swimming pool.
Downside: Very small gym.
Reading scores:4 stars
Math scores:5 stars
Arts-infused academics, a swimming pool, a gifted program, and classes that integrate children with special needs and general education students are only some of the features of PS 11. The school, including the eight K-5 TAG (Talented & Gifted) classes, also benefits from a student population that reflects the ethnic and economic diversity of the surrounding, rapidly-gentrifying Chelsea neighborhood. Read the full review from Insideschools.org
490 Hudson Street. Grades K--5.
What's special: School encourages creativity
Downside: No formal gym or auditorium
Reading scores:3 stars
Math scores:4 stars
PS 3 was founded in 1971 by parents seeking an alternative to what was then the very traditional education offered by PS 41, a school nearby. It is a haven for some very capable teachers who are put off by what they see as a cookie-cutter approach to education and who want to put their own imprint on their classes. Classes at PS 3 mix different ages and abilities, and children generally stay with the same teacher for two years. Every classroom looks different, and the personalities of both the teacher and the children are apparent in how the rooms are decorated. Many teachers welcome parents to help out in their children's classrooms, and parents often linger to talk with teachers or other parents in the parents' lounge. Read the full review from Insideschools.org
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