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That's too bad.
Yeah, I agree.

Why is that?
I don't know. We're not doing a whole lot of work from that time. I don't know. Trish [Lent] has been a big part of being around, which is great. She's of a similar time period, yet she has just a slightly different perspective, which is nice.

Why did you fall in love with Cunningham's work?

I've always loved technique. I think that's what Charlotte got from the beginning. Just that I was going to be challenged and love that excitement of finding success in the work. And I just find the work so human. There are no stories. You create your own. We have such human moments and interactions with each other onstage that are so real and we get that freedom to be in a duet with someone and have a really rich experience. There's so much joy in the work for me. I feel so privileged that I've gotten to work with so many different people being in the company for eight years.

It's true.
You know? It is. It really does look different than it used to. The way the energies of the company shift is really fun.

Do you have other plans?
I do want to keep dancing a little bit. I don't think another full-time position is really what I want to do. I would love to not travel quite as much at this point. But freelancing from this place is fascinating to me. So I would like to take on some gigs here and there, and I'm hoping that I'll get to stage a little bit of the work. And I just got an adjunct position for the January to May semester at Brown University.

Thank you. I feel very fortunate and excited. Just from all of the experiences I've had and all the people that have come into my life, I know that doors open and close for the right reasons and things come and that timing is everything. But I feel very fortunate this has kind of all happened, that I have kind of a cushion until August of 2012 to figure out what I want to do after that. So it's all very good.

So at Brown you'll be teaching—
Three classes. And it will be mostly Cunningham; it will be Cunningham-based and I probably will play a little bit with partial technique and a little bit of rep. I'm going to commute back and forth. I have a boyfriend here and I have an apartment here that I actually just bought, so New York is home. I'm very interested in botany, and I took a botany class last spring and I would love to maybe take a biology or another botany class. And I'm going to try to get my horticulture certificate from the Botanic Garden, so that's all in the scheming, too, and my sister and I have this long-term idea of having a wellness center together. She's in North Carolina and she's a nutritionist. I've gotten half my yoga certification. There's all these other little, like, itty-bitty buds. I feel like January through May is gonna fly by, you know?

Totally. That's so wonderful you have something right away.
I'm so happy about it. I mean some people are like, I need to take two months not do anything. A little somethin' is good for me and a little money still coming in is my way of doin' it. I'm also very lucky that I did do the freelancing, so I really know how it goes. Some of the company—

They don't know.
They don't know. And you know, they're just starting their careers, so it's a really very different for each of us.

And it's heartbreaking in a way, because for some of the younger dancers, where do they go?
They did the high part now.

You never say never in terms of finding someone as inspirational to work with, but that's hard to be optimistic about.
There are these different phases in the company. It's like the new, crazy energy and there's this amazing moment when you're in you prime and then there's, you know, dealing with injury and you're a little more mature and you're still good. And some of them are just so in this prime, and I am just so inspired watching them.

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